Women are rapists too, farther more cruel and brutal than the men who have actually committed crime. Lets first get the general idea of rape. It is forcing oneself upon another without the consent of another. Then, it is absolutely rational to say that there are a bunch of women who are strongly inclined to focus on proving that the opposite gender is only worse and there cannot be a good one ever! Which is wrong! 

I am in no way supporting the brutal acts of rape by men, but please can it be confined to really those men only who have actually committed the crime and the rest are NOT to be assumed of the same nature or trait? So, when these bunch of women set out statements that all men are same, not once another wise and educated class of women ask themselves "Is this really right? Or is this their opinion being shoved into my mind and I should really be forming my own opinion based on what I have experienced personally?". Agreed that there are men who are always trying to lay hands on you, but unless you raise your voice and be strict, they cannot proceed with their evil deeds. 

So, once the wrong notion of "all men are dogs and all men are same" is spread out, it is a forced thought that is shoved into the minds of everyone and as a human we are more prone to pick up and carry on what comes our way rather than ask a question if its even true or not. At this point, when each woman (excluding the ones wise enough) is determined to force and spread the wrong idea about all men, it is an act of forcing oneself upon another without the consent of another gender in question. Wait, go back to first paragraph and read the general idea of rape again? See! Women don't even realize but they have successfully raped the minds of many out there by forcing their own wrong opinions and baseless beliefs based on one bad example. 

If you see one rotten apple, is it right to burn down the whole forest with the notion and suspicion that every thing in the forest may be rotten? Have you once realized that all apples are not rotten but you also forgot that the forest is not only full of apples, but other fruits that you have not even seen or tasted! Likewise, you may have only seen the traits of one man and then tagged the rest of them without even giving a thought that there's a huge possibility of a lot better men than the women itself who co-exist in the same society. 

Not just that, have you ever considered how women have mercilessly falsely accused men of rape? After the infamous 2012 gang rape of a student on a bus in Delhi, the number of rape cases reported to police in India rose sharply. But one survey concluded that in Delhi, in 2013-14, more than half of these reports were "false" - fueling claims by male activists that women are alleging rape in order to extort money from men. In most cases men had evidence that could prove, indisputably, they were not a rapist, but getting the police, media and society ruled by biased leaders to recognize their innocence was another matter. Men are found caught up in a system that seemed to care little about the evidence and a lot about branding them a criminal.

While the strengthened laws have done little to curb sexual violence, their unintended side effects are unmistakable. When the Delhi Commission for Women published a report in 2014 describing 53% of rapes reported in the city the previous year as "false" this was seized upon by men's rights activists as evidence that the legal changes and noisy public debate had ended up making victims out of men. Of all the rape cases that are registered, only 1% is genuine, the rest are either registered to take revenge or to take advantage of the person in some financial matter. Forensic evidence is rarely used in Indian rape cases, so it's often just her words against his, which is considered enough to prosecute him.

Mind you, this section is a tight slap on the faces of those women, who blindly say anything about men. One person who decided to do her own investigation was data journalist Rukmini Shrinivasan. When she moved to Delhi from Mumbai to take up a post at The Hindu newspaper, she wanted to know whether Delhi's reputation as the rape capital of India was justified. Instead of counting dropped rape cases, she looked at the 460 cases that went to a full trial in Delhi district courts in 2013 and compared the initial complaint made to police with what happened in court. Her first discovery was that the media's alarm about stranger rape was overblown as it accounted for just 12 of the 460 cases. More than one third of the 460 cases involved young people (but of legally matured age being above 18 years) who had engaged in consensual sex outside marriage until their parents found out and used the criminal justice system to end the relationship. Families are more willing to have the stigma of rape rather than having the stigma of their daughter choosing her own sex or life partner. 

Rukmini found that many of these cases dealt with inter-caste or mixed-religion relationships which are considered taboo in conservative society. There was often a typical script that was used when parents filed the case with the police. "I was repeatedly seeing stories of women being picked up in moving cars, being given a cold drink laced with sedatives which would render them unconscious, and then they would be raped," she said. "But when I started reading more and more cases I realized that there are patterns to how complaints are filed. So this sedative-laced drink becomes important because it is necessary to show that consent was not given". Another large category - nearly a quarter of the total - were cases where the man had broken his promise to marry the woman. Although this would not be considered rape in many countries, in India a man can be charged with falsely obtaining consent for sex if he promises to marry a woman and then changes his mind. The parents say, “You've lost your virginity, it's going to be impossible to get you married, you file this case, he'll get scared and he'll marry you" says Rukmini. Even if one is acquitted, one cannot regain that status. You can't prove your innocence to each and every person. People are quick to judge in a rape case without even knowing whether the person is guilty or not. A sessions judge in Delhi wondered whether those honorably acquitted of rape must also be considered rape survivors. Besides the obvious unfairness to innocent men, false accusations clog the overburdened judiciary and undermine the credence of genuine victims. The current scenario of an unrealistically low burden of proof (the law presumes a woman will not falsely claim to have been raped) coupled with an unacceptably high rate of false accusations is a perfect recipe for miscarriage of justice.

Viewing crimes against women merely as a law and order problem without addressing the underlying causes of the crime will not solve the problem of violence against women. The knee jerk approach of increasing criminal liability and enacting overly broad laws without understanding its unintended side effects has and will continue to only lead to questionable convictions and frittering away of resources from genuine victims. 

You must be wondering why all that irrelevant things are discussed? Because of the same debate that there are a bunch of women who have spread the notion that all men are equal and all men are rapists and that has led to the situation where innocent men are being accused of the crime that they never did and their whole life is turned upside down. Before you make your next statement, please form your own opinion and ask yourself really how many men have you seen committing such a crime and your opinion is not based on what you haven’t seen but only heard from other people and that of the media. Am sure, after speaking to a handful of women, who genuinely turned out to be wise, agree that not all men are the same and it is absolutely those few small minds that try to beat all men into the same mold of rapists and bad, and that's no different than being raped. For being a man, I have been abused, battered and bullied and it happens almost everyday from women who are always trying to ride on an idea, we'll try every lie, every act just to prove that you should be guilty of the crime you never did, coz you belong to a different gender. 

—  UnhappyGhost

The references and parts of above articles have been taken from the below blog posts, which have been extensively revised and verified by the experts of this field, so with that notion, I hope it is a reliable place to seek references. Your opinions may vary and it's okay to take your rant elsewhere but here.