This is to salute and honor Indian Forces - Indian Army, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy, Research & Analysis wing (RAW), Border Security Force (BSF), National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and every branch, every team and each member part of it directly or indirectly. We have always acknowledged your courage, sacrifices that you have given and the way you leave your families behind to be on the line of duty and without a second thought willing to lay down your lives to protect the motherland.

There's another parallel world born, where there's another mode of war, where there's another army of individual volunteers serving our country, which the common people have no idea of, nor that they are aware we exist. We also belong to different wings. We're black-hats, white-hats, security consultants, forensic experts, evangelists, vigilante, experts in our relevant areas. There are most of us who may not be certified or recognized or employed or even have completed our education, but we do wake up everyday with an unbeatable and unmatched spirit to serve our country and help it just in any good way possible. We don't ask for a salute nor do we have privileges always, neither do we seek for a medal. We don't expect the common people to even know the iota of what we feel inside coz it's not their cup of their tea.

Here's my salute to all the bros, siss, guys, gals, dudes, dudettes, hunks, chicks, sirs, mademoiselles who like to stay anonymous, contribute their part everyday as the war progresses a little, that our country faces and yet it all goes unnoticed. All we ask is a little honor and to leave us undisturbed so we can keep doing what we do the best. Of course, we dream of laying our lives and our bodies wrapped in the National Flag, nevertheless, we'll serve, we'll love the country. The law system doesn't like us. These laws are mend, bent and amended by the people in power and they do so coz we bring light to the dark things they've been doing. And then through the law system they show we're the wrongdoers, just because you control the law system doesn't make you right. Time has come to show the right place for the wrong people and we're gonna do it anyways. Most importantly, you cannot sow the seeds of fear in us. We are all expendables, we're just awaiting our turns. I am happy, at least you can't divide us based on religion, sect, city or country. We stand as one, we stand united.

With a heavy heart, with sorrow filled thoughts, I end this note in gratitude and thankfulness to all those unsung heroes, the nerds, the geeks, who do things that make a great deal and an even greater nation.

— UnhappyGhost