Der Duft einer prächtigen Frau

[ Translation from German - the scent of a gorgeous woman ]

This is a biography of The Girl, that I know and believe, is soon stepping into a new life and going to be a Woman of responsibilities and a homemaker. Her story is no different than many Women in this world, yet she is the most beautiful and no match! For her dulcet and demure nature, she is wrongly placed into this world rather than in a world that could easily exceed all the glory, goodness and divinity of heaven, yet she conflates very well here. She is enigmatic, emollient, statuesque and there is always a felicity of being around her, and she being my friend seems like a lagniappe to my existence!

She has lived her life, till this point, with family and friends that she will always remember and that she has cast her magical spell upon through her own ways. She’s loved, adored and brought up like no princess would have imagined!

But, she is bothered, deep within. She hasn’t been able to tell it out or put it in words. She has mysterious feelings that are unexplained as it's time for her to choose a partner for her life. She is expected to leave her family behind, un-prioritize her friends and now believe in a stranger, accept to start her own family and live with him for the rest of her life. She had learnt this fact, am sure, even when she was not matured enough to know the meaning of her own existence or even measure the emotions that she was tied in with her family, but, while she grew up the life of a princess, she had been unaware that she was supposed to be a queen someday! 

A queen, who hides her own emotions and is bound to do things selflessly for everyone around, she is bound with a gratitude that she has for her father, who did everything to give her the world, fulfill her every little wish even before she could utter or demand for. She is bound with the unconditional love for her mother, for she gave her all the warmth and cozy feeling of being tied together into a family and nurture every little quality of her children! And now that the epiphany of her life’s truth has come forth, she is restless, she is helpless, she is confused but willing to accept the life that is not acquainted with or does not even have an illusion of! She has just accepted to face the fear of the unknown!!

But, despite her acceptance, she wishes for things, little things, that she fears may go unnoticed, unfulfilled, but she believes in them! She fears she’s got an enticing personality that may be lost; she doesn’t want herself or her real being wished away when she is married! She expects that her man will not doubt her value and compel her to run from who she is. 

Anyone can see, in her magnificent beauty and soothing touch, one shall find nothing but heaven and healing! I have seen heaven in her eyes, nectar in her voice!. She wishes her man to be the Warrior King for her and protect her and only demands to be in love with each other; not that she hates being alone. She is fascinated with words. To her, words are things of beauty, each like a magical powder or potion that could be combined with other words to create powerful spells.. 

She is a person who doesn’t give up on you no matter what and she wishes that her man knows how beautiful it is to have someone, who adores him and the things he tries to do for her; she wishes to hold him and believe in him even when he stops believing in himself. And in return she only demands to curl up into his arms and let the beat of his heart soothe her to sleep. Because that sounds absolutely lovely. Her innocence is that of any infant! She expects to be complimented and her strength magnified, not her weaknesses, nor does she call for an argument where she has to shove her helplessness and bury it beneath six gulps of willful silence. She expects to be seen beyond her appearances and secretly believes in dalliance

Reminds me of the words “Her heart is a secret garden and the walls are very high! Only way to cross that wall is to love her, respect her and treat her like no one else could ever imagine. If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it you won't give up and if you give up, you're not worthy.” and these are the lines that suit her perfectly.  You can put up an argument with her, even if it's not her mistake and she will not utter a word, just to let you win the war but if you can see, she has bruises all over her heart from the words you told her. She gave you the part of her that she knew you could break, but wouldn't expect you to do it. 

She is worried, when she leaves behind her home, she would be leaving all the warmth of it and the feeling of being at home ever again, and now she has to build her own new home! As an assumption that most women go through, even at the thought of marriage can be summed up as - While she ever hardly knew what dawn looks like, now it would become her first acquaintance to greet the new day. She would wake up to the smell of a blanket that would remind her she is in a strange land with strange people around her, that IS her family from now. She would have no idea of their likes, dislikes, favorites, annoyings, food habits and she would have a duty now to cope up with all that unknown little facts and inexperienced feelings. No! Her mistakes are not going to be overlooked and she is expected to be the most perfect person, sooner or later to realize her little habits that she always had, but unaware of, is now considered to be mistakes and her real family believed to teach her those.

The water that runs through her hair, the smell of the shampoo, the touch of the towel constantly keeps reminding her she is far from her roots. The freedom to be in the clothes that she was always comfortable with may or may not be accepted in the new home. She now has to learn to make decisions, but again, it's not an independent one, not what she wants, but every decision that she makes HAS to match with the silent and untold rules at the new place. The food that she relished back at home will surely be missed and now her taste buds have to get acquainted to the new dishes whether she likes it or not. Her eyes have never been so watchful nor her mind so active and thoughtful, a million new unnamed fears and a zillion new unfriendly feelings pass through her heart and yet she struggles to succeed and keep up that smile on her face. Even a person, who has never known her before can see her smile and acknowledge her unexplained but willfully forced happiness on her face. 

Every corner of the house now wishes for her touch and reform into a new atmosphere but she’s afraid to try. The day passes by and keeps her busy in cooking, washing and cleaning and all the time there is one person that has never missed in her thoughts, her mom, who never let her move a muscle and let her enjoy every little chance to be a princess and relax! She misses her and thanks her to the core for always keeping her loved and taking up all the pain each day to cook, wash and do things which she now realize completely to be honestly thankful of! She wishes she could run back to her and just grab her and hide away in her arms but it's an emotion that cannot be given any chance to survive. She recalls the time when she just had to wake up, take bath and breakfast would be ready, she now realizes the efforts behind her little need being timely fulfilled. 

The day  slowly comes to an end and now she is unaware but she has a feeling of being responsible and that of having accomplished through the day but now she has another important responsibility for her man, talk to him, listen to what he has to say and support him, make love to him and in the midst of all these she has now forgotten that she had wishes and dreams too. She is back in the blanket with the smell of not-being-at-home feeling and every little being of her existence seems gobbled up, vanishing and changed and now she unwillingly has agreed to accept the new relations to live for the rest of her life. The only thing that doesn’t really change for her is the memories that she brings along. 

It gives me so much pain to think that it is the story of almost every woman and yet they manage to put up the brightest and the most charming smile everyday and do things for you with all the love! I pray she finds a man who could realize after putting up a quarrel that she needs love too, she needs to be cared and adored like a baby. Being a man, he is always in a position to do as little as express himself in terms of bringing her flowers, chocolates, pizza, a good lunch, a dinner out together, a good foot massage, kneel and apologize for his mistakes and rudeness or just cuddle her up and she will be willing to forgive you without a second thought! 

An amazing quote, if I could choose, that can sum her up would be “I pray she finds someone wise enough to notice that god took his time when he decided that heaven was to be built inside her”

We have come together this far and am not sure if she left any trails in the sands, but she sure did over my heart and soul! I assure, dear one, none of the fearful assumptions mentioned above would ever touch you. I wish you a very blissful life ahead and that is always in peace and harmony! 

Writing this little note about “her” is like in justice being done! She is like a novel or the work of an artiste that cannot fit even in large volumes and I dared to sin and sum her up in this write up. 

An author that you provoked in me

Lexicon → to refer the meanings

Conflates - To blend together

Dulcet - Sweet, Sugary

Demure - Shy and reserved

Dalliance - A brief love affair

Epiphany - A sudden revelation

Emollient - A Softener

Enigmatic - Difficult to interpret or understand, mysterious

Felicity - Pleasantness

Lagniappe - A very special kind of gift

Statuesque - Attractively graceful and dignified

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