republic day or discrimination day

Happy Republic Day? What? Come again please?

It only sounds rhythmic and three stupid words put together and just another day to excuse from routine and find a way to holiday. Absolutely it is.

Firstly we need to free our minds before we speak of freedom and rights and how far we have come after seven decades, because our minds are still stuck in the same time-line, isn't it?

First let's understand whats Republic Day really? I'll keep it short and to the point. Its a day when we wrote our own constitution and put it into effect on January 26, 1950, written by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, who was a victim of caste based discrimination. So, he created laws to play fair and for equal rights for those that fell under low caste and labor class, by the means of reservation system, which was meant only for 10 years. Result? Screwed up country, worsened situations.

That reservation system is still being put into effect today. Education sector has reservation system which is illogical and unnecessary coz today in urban lifestyle do we see any discrimination based on caste/religion?

The unskilled (obviously undeserving too) are being placed on jobs and that not only hinders the progress but over all development of the country is at questionable stake!

These constitutional laws and principles have become of questionable existence now.

Freedom of speech is no more really free! The concept of Equality is now thing of past. People with money get away with crimes or gender decides who has to be punished.

Talk of women empowerment? First, rewrite the laws that blindly believes one gender is always right and the other gender is always a criminal.

Banning of food based on cultural/religious values, ban of movies and riots in the name of religion/politics, bravo! We’re heading into a right direction with the principles of our constitution.

We are still lacking the basic resources like roads, quality education, clean drinking water, organic food. We don’t even question the existence of a political party and blindly choose one of them during elections.

School students senselessly parading the streets, adults driving around with flags calling it a patriotic feeling isn’t gonna help here. We have to educate the kids of the situation and how they have to make a change and only then the next generation will be different.

I am not against India or against the feeling of patriotism, just another common citizen questioning and willing to find solutions to mayhem and chaos spread around in the name of constitutional laws and fundamental rights. Better to stand alone and question and make a difference than to blindly follow masses.

A better patriot than the most. Jai Hind

— UG & VV