UnhappyGhost Quotes

Yes, sometimes the philosopher inside me wakes up and pinches to vomit out the thoughts, that builds up inside, and that makes me suffocate of the world around. Most of them are words of wisdom, few philosophical, few others harsh and few others that really invites disagreement with those who see these thoughts shattering their dream world and beliefs.

- We throw away our life, most of the times over little things, we throw away our once-in-a-lifetime kind of bond/relationships over certain anger and ego that we hold on to because we assume that they'll bounce right back into our lap and not realizing that the clock is ticking. Every moment lost is never returning so stop being angry, set egos and bloody concept of self-respect aside and set things right when you have time. There's no guarantee that life will treat you good or the one you love will treat you the way you imagine in your head, but there's one thing that you can guarantee that you have the ability love more and love has the power to change everything. Why can't we just say its okay, one more try and you'll turn back after decades and thank yourself for having said this at the right moment.

- A quote by Max Lucado says "A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back to the crowd" likewise if you have to create a great love, you must turn your back to the crowd that is constantly trying to lure you into a non-committed relationships with false promises or hitting on you with no progressive or good intentions. If you don't focus on the real orchestra of your life, you'll not create any good music but chaos of memories and regrets of choosing unworthy people to spend time with while you should have focused on THE ONE.

- We often see when people are in love they tag their beloved as god/goddesses. Well, they're not wrong. Like in the Hindu mythology there are three supreme Gods, Lord Brahma (the creator), Lord Vishnu (the preserver) and Lord Shiva (the destroyer or transformer or resurrect), likewise your beloved has the ability to create, preserve, destroy or transform your existence!

- In a parallel world, we were quarreling over which flavor of ice cream should we get, it was love, just a different way to show it. In reality, we were done quarreling over things that broke us apart.
Moral: No mistake is as big to be as not forgiven, not that they can't be fixed. Finding excuses to break away is far more easy but finding reason to stick by when times are tough is only in the fate of who really deserve the best and for those who fight for it. Choosing to be in love isn't enough, but together working out things is more important. Moving on isn't a good idea, moving together ahead is.

- In a parallel world - we were quarreling over which flavor of ice cream should we get, it was love, just a different way to show it. In reality - still wonders if any situation can be as bad as they can't be fixed or the just that the person wanted to get rid of you. 

- The best things in life are placed on the other side of the terror, on the other side of your maximum fear are the best things of your life, and that fear is no different than the fear of society, friends, relatives, parents and your own unwillingness to give it another try. Your dreams is waiting, all you need to do is take one step and the best is awaiting. (Enlightened by Will Smith, edited by UnhappyGhost)

- Lately, i've been blamed of writing a lot about relationship and i plead guilty because lately i realize relationships plays a key role in everything we do and how we interact with everyone. If my relationship with my work isn't good, i won't succeed. If my relationship with my pets isn't working well, they'll not enjoy my company. If my relationship with people around me isn't good, i'd be left alone and if my relationship with myself isn't good, i won't be happy as a person. Different relationships bring along different kinds of maturity along with them. Its your nature of maturity that earns you trust from those around you. If your parents don't see mental maturity they won't ever build confidence in you. If you can't have emotional maturity you'r spouse will be in dismay. When it comes to love of today, everyone forgets about being mentally and emotionally mature instead all they wanna be is physically mature. There by when their motif of proving their physical maturity to themselves is fulfilled, they move on to the next person for wrestling about who's physically more matured. The more points you gain, the more respect you think you earn for yourself, and thats one reason why relationships die an easy death. If there's emotional maturity in a relationship, am sure there wouldn't be breakups and divorces (besides few exceptional cases)

- In a relationship if you can't be equals then you can never survive. One's shortcoming is balanced by the other to equal it up. This algorithm of being/making equal continues whether or not you still are together! why? coz you leave a lot of yourself in each other. So, when you decided to end the relationship why should you start calling names, make use of degraded and filth language or hate for your ex? Wouldn't that make you exactly the same to make it equal? Or probably they're less worthy of the wrong things you tell about them and probably its you who's more deserving of the wrong blames coz again thats how balance is achieved to make it equal! 

- Graceful and reserved women are attracted to men who can control the effects of testosterone. vice versa!

- The reward of altruist is maudlin soul

- In a relationship (regardless of its nature), if trepidation takes over the other person, its time to honestly consider your own actions than totally being intimidated by them
- I sometimes wonder if two people have been in so much love, what amount of negative thoughts and assumptions would have taken to null out that much of love and further exceed and turn into hatred.

- How right is your breakup? How could you call her a bitch when she was once your baby? How could you tag her names when she was once your angel? How could you call him an asshole when he was your man? How could you call him selfish when he was your hero? How could you even decide to let go when you considered each other your lifeline? I get it, when you fell in love, you cared less about world and more about each other and everything seemed so right, but when you started applying the rules of the world and logic of other people into YOUR relationship, it started to feel wrong. Again, how right is your breakup?

- It's difficult to find an old heart with a young soul that could fall in love with a young heart with an old soul

- I have lost a beautiful bond, you know. We fought and parted ways. It was my mistake and I take full responsibility. The angst, the hurt, the wait, the anger, the heartbreak are all too much to accept and let go, i agree. But if you were ever real close, like real thick as thieves, deeply in love - you know, then you will always find it in your heart to forgive, accept the apologies or seek an apology for yourself. It's never too late, just pick up the damn phone, do call, if not in voice, if not in words, talk in silence. Let the breathing on phone speak for your love. Cry if you feel like, sob like a kido, let your heart beat in peace, let your soul talk naked. I wait to see your name flash on my phone. Life is too short for long fights. And when you meet, hug real tight. Love is beautiful, magnificent and simple, i don't know why we end up turning it into a complex one. Give it another try coz am willing to keep my promises. Am still working my ass up to build that dream house on the outskirts of a remote village on a hill side. We'll farm our own garden, we'll have a yard/pen for all those strays we'll save together. I still looks forward to owning that little cafe with wooden tables and benches, when we grow old, where the teen kids could come and hangout. Oh i so dream of the lazy sunny days, when you'll be reading out a novel loud, but i will have dozed off in your arms only to wake up again with our wrinkly faces against each other, well, at least in the parallel world residing in my imagination.

- Those untagged/unnamed secret bonds and relationships are much more stronger and way more important than those already announced. Why? coz as long as its a secret and NO ONE else knows about it, its only you who is taking decisions about it and only your thoughts are contributing to it and most of the time you try to keep the thoughts and deeds positive and constructive. The moment you announce your secret bond to other people (family, friends, colleagues) you've opened the door for all the crap, garbage and negativity to enter into your bond in the form of their advices and unneeded influences. I wish the would could work in such a way that our beloved would only be visible to us and they'd not exist for the rest of the world (and vice versa), that way only we would own each other and kept each other safe and happy.

- Beware of relationship advises from single people or those who have been into multiple-unstable relationships regardless of how sincere their advice may be, most of it is theoretical and not derived from real life experiences. But do not even take advices from those considered elderly, matured and who've been married for years, of whom one of the spouses have been practising infidelity and morally disloyal. Its your bond, so fight, argue then sit together and fix it, everything can be resolved by time and shaped by trials. And the tongue has the power to crush your relationship or build it up. Don't let the devil use your tongue to kill your partner's image, self-confidence and aspirations. Relationship is teamwork which works best without third party influence. Don't let others predict the fate of it. Create a relationship that is unaffected by the false presumptions of others. Be angry, show it, but don't hold on to it for longer. Most importantly stick together (Inspired by the words of Michelle Barrack Obama)

- You may be a dog — i cannot think of being in love / relationship again coz someone cheated / dumped me — i cannot trust guys / gals, they're not trust worthy — Such statements are being used commonly as an excuse these days. Generally, its more or less something like, I cannot / wont do this for YOU coz someone else did something bad / wrong. For once they can't think straight why should i blame / accuse / suspect / abuse / punish others for the mistake of someone else. Its sound as, if a dog bites you, then you start accusing ducks, elephants, pandas, cats, rabits, panthers, monkeys, sparrows or parrots to be dangerous. Don't forget, if there are people comparable to the above mentioned dog in your stories, then you may also be like the same dog or may be even worse in other's stories. STFU and if you're not matured, at least don't open your mouth and prove it

- When am trying to share something that broke me up from inside and that somehow became the reason what i am today and you wanna change that about myself, then its like you are asking me to lose my identity and reason for existence.

- You'll disagree but if you have said or use "I can't" that's ego disguised as self respect

- It's not that people are not trustworthy, we don't wanna give them an opportunity to prove themselves first, instead we go on judging them loud and wrong first and shut them out. And to cover up our own illogical action we make statements 'its hard to trust people nowadays'

- We commonly hear 'be a reflection of what you want to receive, like love, respect, peace, good vibes etc'. I wonder what you guys n gals, men n women are being reflection of to be calling each other pimps, bitches, sluts and assholes. 

- If women are willingly into relationship where they are physically and emotionally being exploited, then even they also have to be punished same as the rapists because its not different than equally participating in the act of a rape. #GetRapedByChoice

- When I write stuff, i know and remember what i have written no matter how many words they modify/replace after copying to make it look like its one of their original creations. They forgot they can't change the ideas that popped in my head and when i pen them down, i leave an essence of that idea in it and no matter how many words they change, the essence remains!

- Love is free of cost, but people are always trying to announce a value for it and tag stupid expectations in the name of love. I did this for you, that for you, you never realize blah blah blah blah, and a lot more of nagging and crazy excuses just to prove that only their feelings matter a lot and its only how they feel is important but not once do they want to think that love is supposed to be selfless and no expectations or strings attached, but we're all struck in a very wrong side of the game. 😀

- Its a human psychology that we expect to be loved more by the people who have known us for a long time. WRONG. They only learn to hate us and find mistakes with everything connected to us.

- To everything there is a season, to everything there ain't a reason!

- We like to look in the mirror and get ready the way we like, but then we're stupid enough to seek an acknowledgement of the same, from other people who have a different understanding of - i look good - from our own understanding of it.

- My shadow carries a halo and a pair of large wings as long as someone pushes me to the point where it grows a pointy tail and a set of long horns

- We go to buy new clothes in shopping malls without realizing that those clothes have been lying around there for months and have been tried by numerous people (who may have had skin infections or probably someone must have been sweating too much or someone who didn't even wash their hands properly after being to washroom) and after all that people rejected these clothes, we buy them and feel happy for couple of months (well, at least when it comes to guys) and try to wear it as often as possible, on every occasion without realizing once that its really NOT a new piece of cloth. Same is with relationships. The feeling of new. #OOTD #OOTW #SHOPOHOLIC

- I expect people to trust me rather say have faith, but when one trusts me readily, i don't trust their intentions. I am used to first go through phase where one calls me crazy, liar, asshole, evil, diabolical but i love it when it comes to the point where they realize I really am, not like anything that they said. But here's a little secret, i am worst that all that said that about me first, am only kind and am only human.

- Double-edged-sword in a loop - I insisted upon destroying myself every single time for i was choosing to fall in love with her and I was insisting to fall in love with her else i was choosing to destroying myself every single time

- If-then-else loop - if i was insisting to fall in love with her then i was choosing to destroy myself else i was insisting to fall in love with her destructively.

- Came across a phrase "We sell it because we don't use it" and thats apt to almost everything we do around us. We sell our bodies in the form of sem-nude selfies on social media, we sell our souls by letting sick assholes ruin them, we sell our emotions by letting those monsters play with them, we not only sell our own privacy but that of our family, friends and beloved by means of tagging them every possible place on the internet. Looking for a punch line to end this piece of writing? Well, there's none, instead punch yourself in the face and wake up to the reality and stop selling yourself.

- Broken by one, hates everyone

- A suspicious woman is someone who overestimates a man's capabilities

- Difference between 'get lost' and 'please leave' is that in the former you still have the hope to be taken back, but in the latter it's an end to everything.

- While he waited for the blue ticks, she married someone else and flew off to the blue lagoons

- One must know something about somethings, but people act as if they know everything about everything but the reality is few of them know everything about nothing and the rest know nothing about anything

- Love is not about truth, it's only about good feelings

- If this is how it's gonna be, it better never be

- Probably, losing you made you even more important to me

- Not everyone is wise enough to appreciate nor deserves to see my most evil and naked thoughts. It's a privilege for only those who can really appreciate and embrace it. There's an another kind of ecstasy in letting your own naked mind do salsa with someone who's equally witty, evil, emotionally & romantically challenged and extremely sarcastic

- *one-sided love* — There's no scope of failing in it. There's no rejection in it, coz I own her in silence and she's only mine, even if she has no idea about it.

- Accept what cannot be changed. But, if you accept it, it will never change.

- An ungrateful behavior from someone is really an act of sincerity for they choose not to pretend to be always good in your eyes, but we always expect them to be grateful and apologize if they're not inclined as per our expectations. We all end up creating different relationships with an expectation of return of investment and in fact that is an ungrateful act on our part. 

- In the story of your life, the others are only supporting actors, a few roles are important and few others entertaining but do not let them over-shadow your own role that you have to play.

- Being angry cannot, should not and will not take away the feeling of love or respect.

- Am not sure of everything and sure of nothing

- The arrow that is used to itch one's ass, doesn't bring you as much pleasure in shooting it on an enemy. Likewise, do not waste your wit or nasty sarcasm on those that don't deserve it. There's no pleasure of any sort in it.

- Sometimes we get accepted and loved by the people who least know us. Its a human psychology that we expect to be loved more by the people who have known us for a long time. WRONG. They only learn to hate us and find creative ways to find mistakes with everything connected to us.

- It's not those we already know, can look through us always. It's someone unknown who can see through us sometimes, most of the times. They reveal our true selves, and show us how capable we are far beyond our own belief. They will love us fiercely, beyond imaginations, beyond worldly definitions, for who we really are and accept us in the ways unsaid. Sometimes they form a bond so strong that proves to be stronger and much worthy than those we call our family. That's why those who know us, warn us of the strangers, coz it's the strangers that sometimes can see and make us realize of our real powers.

- When a woman says, "Is it only me you love/care about or all other ladies?" she isn't insulting you at all. Instead she is insulting her own value by acknowledging it that she's part of a crowd and can easily be compared to other women.

- Life comes bundled with everything and if one chooses to be with the kind of people who want to accept and love only those perfect, they sure have no idea what they're missing out here in this adventurous journey!!

- Life doesn't give second chance. WRONG! It does give many chances, we don't take it, out of fear of failure or betrayal or losing, based on past experience.

- If my enemies are old and matured enough to let the grudges go, they will have my respect. vice versa

- Heart of a poet, Soul of a Saint, Mind of a devil. Your choice who you wanna meet.

- We all look for a handsome/pretty person around us. Guys demand gals to be slim and fit but in the first place guys are not in shape to first offer the same what they are expecting from the ladies. Same way ladies need to make sure they're in shape before expecting a guy to be muscular or macho. But thats enough, if we put in efforts to stay fit, look good and offer something good, then we must also not settle down for someone who is not willing offer us the same or at least not putting in the efforts to do so.

- In most cases, arrange marriage is forced, and love marriage is a pressurized responsibility that couple brings upon themselves to justify their choice, but live-in relationship is mutual and doesn't need approval from anyone!
  • This world is full of men who's eyes never rest above the neck of women and there are whole lot of women who make sure men don't rest their eyes above their neck. And then there are people like us, who just live to drown in those deep eyes and be lost in the lustrous locks!
  • If one falls in love with a manequine, the love will remain unchanged even if the manequine is replaced million times. That's how most people love today. Some of us do fall in love with souls, there's none like that another in this world, irreplacable! 
  • Only those curious minds that want to get into every detail of how/what/why/where/when do linux
  • To the people, who on daily basis, constantly keep telling that they want to be like me, the only thing i have to advice them is - To the level that I managed to achieve until now, if you lose, there's no come back, there's no option to start all over again. Either your existence means a lot or it just vanishes like it never existed! 
  • The world has engulfed the idea that slaving oneself with 9-6 job is called work. The misconception of such ideas are planted by the kind of education system that is forced upon us. Almost two decades of journey, to learn and educate, if that is what it is supposed to be, and achieving a graduation degree, which then becomes the minimum criteria set to score a job is merely just stage set to the next phase. Scoring a job is not the discovery or invention of something new, it is just the reversal procedure to un-educate you back to the life of an uneducated slave!
  • Today's generation makes their social life public, no different than the display glass of a shopping mall, and then wonder why they have such low respect/value for themselves. Why do they forget that, for anything on a display, a price/value is set, while those introverts hiding away are priceless!
  • Dowry is good. Dowry is justified. How? Being a bride's parents when you set criteria for the groom's education, property, bank balance, own house etc, then sure the dowry has to be paid in the form of a security deposit to ride the costly Lamborghini that you had wished for! When you decided to follow the standards of marriage set by the society then you have to stop complaining about the perks that it comes along with! Not once did you as bride's parents think that you end up paying for a society-approved-groom which doesn't even guarantee loyalty, quality of life and safety of your daughters. 
  • Being a groom's parent, if you were successful in preparing your son to meet the standards of society-approved-groom to be able to demand a dowry, then its a pity that you just created a product which has a very less shelf-life. You should have instead focused on making him a man of dignity, loyal and at least not push him into a life which would have no remorse.
  • The most important step in the process of learning new things is to first unlearn the old and wrong things
  • Everything needs too much practice. Even to be a Windows user, one needs too much practice to be stupid first! 
  • I wish you could attend one of my sessions and see how crazy it gets when we end up studying, what are believed to be most complex topics, just like its as simple as making an omlet. The toughest part is to crack the eggs carefully first, same as cracking open the heads of the audience to sow the seeds of the uncommon ideas that some of us carry!!
  • I prefer to stay anonymous. What I do is a mystery to most, why I do has its own reasoning, not even my friends or family knows this other side of me. Am a devil in the eyes of people that know me, and i'd like to keep it that way. Its easy that way.
  • Random thought. Most arrange marriages are like that. The whole idea of marriage is just a hype. If two people want to stay in each other's lives and they wanna really share all the little moments and despite the differences and arguments can manage to stick together, then the existence of marriage is just a bluff. It's only a declaration for the society, but the real spirit /motif/soul of being married is defeated in most arranged marriages
  • One-sided feelings are never rewarded nor reciprocated and definitely don't bring peace of mind.
  • Am a crazy psycho with manners of a gentleman unless ticked off.
  • Most interviewees show fake experience on their CV coz most HRs fake their wisdom and knowledge.
  • Every person is a library with different story books hidden in their minds. But the problem is that the libraries are locked up and no one lets you to the most interesting or the most secret/hidden sections and only the glittering and decorated sections are presented to the world.
  • There was a time when major advertising companies paid to people to see ads and sponsored products. Now there are gathering of fools who pay huge money to go and see advertisements and sponsored products. Such gatherings are commonly known as defcons, hackthons, *cons *thons
  • By installing anti-virus for computers/mobile-devices you're protected from virus/malware infection sounds no different than if men start wearing skirts then women will stop getting pregnant. 
  • Let Feminism prevail, let bills be split, let there not be separate line for women. Lets put an end to the courtesy 'Women first' Let women hold the door for men too, for once! Let women have freedom to molest men (its already happening but goes unreported coz men are scared that they'll be laughed at, also no one believes that it happens). Let men do the dishes, wash the clothes, and cook (as a punishment to some women :-P ), let men have periods, let men also have choice to wear colorful, sparkly, glittery clothes/accessories, let skirts count as formal clothes at work for men
  • When life gives you lemons, against all expectations, make lassi
  • We fix what your IT guys repaired
  • With every defeat, i gained more than the one who won over me
  • I have reached to a point where my opponents do not even give a try, they only plot against my abilities and skills! 
  • How could any woman love a man who could make her do whatever he wants, any second, every day, forever? Likewise, how could any woman NOT love a man who could LET her have her freedom to  do whatever she wants, any second, every day, forever.
  • I discovered a new talent in myself today. If i plan to make rasmalai, and execute the plan perfectly, i can at least end up making sweet Idlis. 
  • There are two kinds of criminals in the society. The one's who actually commit crime, go to court and are let out to roam free and then those who are taken to court, convicted and left tagged and with only choice to become a criminal.
  • Education is like gravity. If you can beat the gravity you'll be free from its pull and then you're floating in the space (for jobs, business etc) and then most people aim for the MOON and settle down there, and others take longer coz they set their target on Jupiter. How soon you settle will only define how less you learned and never utilized your full capacity! So, don't worry if you could not get a job or make your business work right away, you have bigger things awaiting ahead. Keep steering!
  • People say "I failed to understand you". No sir, you actually didn't fail to understand me. You NEVER understood me in the first place else you wouldn't fail. Had your presumptions and a whole lot more of assumptions not brought to the menu, we could have been tasting the royal delicacies you failed to see!
  • We've become unsocial in the race of social networking and self promotion
  • Most of the real hackers are NOT even trained or certified and they outperform the armies of CEH certified guys
  • Between the faith and atheism, love always finds a neutral ground
  • Anyways, let's hope all these notion of 'unknowns' and stereotyping 'strangers' gets past coz there's always more to explore and learn n these notions only hold us back with less of learning n growing experience.
  • I am willing to explain when demanded for but not when you decide to cover me with the assumptions based on the opinion formed from absolutely disgusting people, I guess my explanation would no more be of an absolute disgust.
  • Sometimes you think there are monsters inside you which you have to deal with, but may be you started believing them to be monsters coz the society didn't approve of them. Those monsters may be your real trait and they're the best versions of you that you need to bring out more often. It doesn't matter if they go acknowledged negatively, just cherish them and the other like-monster-ed souls will definitely enjoy the company of your own monster. 
  • The Irony of life is, when one intends to poison you, they never ask for your permission, but when one has to offer you an ice cream or a good lunch/dinner, they need your approval and permissions.
  • Social life = put up a fake show just to prove everyone that you're doing good and you need to justify everything that you do according to standards set by the screwed up people in the society
  • I apologize to the ladies around the world, to our female mates, for the very few opportunities that could have led you to believe that good men exist, but those fuck-head retards already spoiled your experience and filled your minds with the fear of the men-monsters. I apologize on behalf of every shit-head that didn't make an effort to leave you less hurt or broken. I envy the non-classy, ill-mannered and devaluing men who are constantly trying to use the hard and hitting on a fragile and brittle beings with rock-hard abuses. Some of us are still out here trying to look out for you, fight for you and protect you totally invisible to you but please don't lose hopes. Some of our kinds will always exist and show you at some point in life that not all men are same. I only wish that you find us while there is still lot of time left in life to cherish the unseen and non-existent good side.
  • On a wider notion, the statements like 'All men are cheaters' seems quite  unfair and wrong to tag the entire race that way. Even saying 'All men are not cheaters' doesn't justify anything at all. I cannot make that kind of statement for other men coz I believe they all  have their own way of looking at a particular situation or person, and I like to differ and stand out from what they do. So, I can make a statement for the men like me that its difficult for us to find a deserving mate coz we're very choosy and picky about a person/thing and only if we end up making a commitment with one person (in the rare case) and then the next rare case should arise that we find another mate to fool around with, we could be tagged cheaters. We kind men have "drought-of-elegant-women" in our lives and so the point of cheating can be safely ruled out coz we don't just get along anybody easily unless there's a spark of some kind with a lady we look for a long time relationship with.
  • When two people mutually agree upon something, no matter how illicit or illegal, weird or right, rude or kind, awful or awesome, sane or insane, crazy or justified the agreement may seem, it is just good and right as long as the two people have agreed upon it, no matter what! And when the two people take the same thing to the society, friends, relatives or the rest of the world to seek their opinion about the agreement, it all starts to seem wrong. That's exactly how relationships are ruined, that's how love is destroyed, that's how most situations start seeming worse and the two people who had an agreement earlier start to see each other as completely wrong. Society/People/world always have their ways to make things look bad, start judging a situation or a person even if they have no idea about them and that's just a reflection of who they are and what they are within.
  • Alas! I am an Indian. Bravo! A different kind! Bravo! I am an Indian. Alas! A different kind!
  • Better to be a clown with one visible mask than a human with so many invisible masks.
  • Perspectives of people to prove themselves right n in the process making others a victim by vandalizing them, I've become the by product of vandalism
  • Curiosity is the mother of all good relationships (despite the nature of relationship) that exists today. So, the whole point of curiosity will go down to zero the moment you see someone even before you start liking them as a person.
  • 60 seconds. 99 moods. MPD at its best.
  • Anyways, let's hope all these notion of 'unknowns' and stereotyping 'strangers' gets past coz there's always more to explore and learn n these notions only hold us back with less of learning n growing experience.
  • I am willing to explain when demanded for but not when you decide to cover me with the assumptions based on the opinion formed from absolutely disgusting people, I guess my explanation would no more be of an absolute disgust.
  • As you get "old" people tend to forget you're important, and so does the events connected with you. Happy Birthday to me!
  • Sometimes you think there are monsters inside you which you have to deal with, but may be you started believing them to be monsters coz the society didn't approve of them. Those monsters may be your real trait and they're the best versions of you that you need to bring out more often. It doesn't matter if they go acknowledged negatively, just cherish them and the other like-monster-ed souls will definitely enjoy the company of your own monster. 
  • The Irony of life is, when one intends to poison you, they never ask for your permission, but when one has to offer you an ice cream or a good lunch/dinner, they need your approval and permissions.
  • I apologize to the ladies around the world, to our female mates, for the very few opportunities that could have led you to believe that good men exist, but those fuck-head retards already spoiled your experience and filled your minds with the fear of the men-monsters. I apologize on behalf of every shit-head that didn't make an effort to leave you less hurt or broken. I envy the non-classy, ill-mannered and devaluing men who are constantly trying to use the hard and hitting on a fragile and brittle beings with rock-hard abuses. Some of us are still out here trying to look out for you, fight for you and protect you totally invisible to you but please don't lose hopes. Some of our kinds will always exist and show you at some point in life that not all men are same. I only wish that you find us while there is still lot of time left in life to cherish the unseen and non-existent good side.
  • Regarding am not as much educated as you are. Agree. But that's again an invalid comparison. You're telling the lemons don't taste as sweet as watermelons. Your area of education and interest is different and which is what society enforces to peruse and I am free from those restrictions of society and have achieved my passion to an extent that I've been denied jobs in interviews with top reason being over-qualified
  • I am not religious, just a good man with no god
  • People find their ways to put evil notions into your head coz evil notions come free and cheap from the same kind of people. It takes a great lot for someone to accompany for the evil notion one's already there.
  • For us nerds , the sexy means new gadgets and lust means new technology! Hardwired we are!
  • When someone counts on me, they're heading straight to the disappointment. That's the only privilege n super power I have
  • Programming was never my cup of tea but I made it my stroid. I use it when I want to get high n end up doing crazy stuff
  • There's only one hell...the one we live in now. There's only one heaven...the one that we'll make one now
  • Motivation works only when you're demotivated. Hard times, wrong decisions and tough life kept me going!
  • Entrepreneurship is simple. What we know we do, what we don't know we don't, but we can find someone who can do what we can't do.
  • These days, most topics that people talk and keep adding "I guess" to beginning of every sentence that looks like their personal opinion, have been googled
  • If you didn't find any objective in it, then there was no objective for you in it
  • "You think you're always correct?" My mom says that, sis says that, family says that, my friends also say that and everyone else i know. Please guys please, i don't need a constant reminder that I am always correct :P
  • Every question doesn't have to be answered. And even if there's an answer, the unanswered questions remain more valued, elegant and sound beautiful than they be answered
  • Being promoted is like being the victim of your own success
  • Solitude - No bullshit to deal with, no obligations, no rules to comply with, no commitments forced upon and no one to judge my thoughts
  • When bunch of bugs and backdoors are combined, you end up inventing Cisco devices
  • Few people are hardwired to never be able to see beyond the bend. Such people are always hindrance to the progress of people connected to them.
  • Imagine yourself sitting on a comfortable lounge and treating yourself with ecstatic, aromatic and taste bud pampering food and right then someone invites you to come and sit on a pile of garbage and shit and continue with the food. That's exactly what Microsoft is doing by inviting people to install Linux graphical desktop applications through bash shell integration on Windows OS
  • Wouldn't it be brilliant to have every woman have a middle name as "SuperHero" for being way much stronger than men and as a reminder to themselves each day that they don't need to go through or deserve all the shit thrown their way!
  • The concept of marriage worked as long as the arrange marriages were successfully forced and when women were not in empowerment and would have to compromise and put up with all the tortures. Today the concept of marriage fails coz women stopped taking shit anymore and now the world is falling apart
  • I was an animal. Disastrous miracle happened. It turned me into human, will less emotions. I still am animal, to those who behave like one or provoke it out of me
  • I don't respect the network engineers who secure a job in corporate n then use Google to troubleshoot and fix problems, instead I respect n honor those heroes who work without access to Internet and purely based on their knowledge and experience through years!
  • And that is what worries me. If couples, friends, family etc don't have any fight at all, either their relationship is too strong and too understanding, or they both are faking it so the extent of perfection!
  • Rude comments, hate speech, abusive remarks, they are all welcome. Without them I wouldn't know that am doing great and that they are acknowledgement and reciprocation that I hit right spot on; bulls-eye!
  • The time and situation was such that I end up doing stuff beyond my capabilities; the helplessness became habit and now an addiction
  • I believe in your grammar and vocabulary so much that even your mistakes seem just an unachieved and un-persued level of linguistic mastery!
  • This is the way its gonna be. Its the way it has to be. The way it is. It only seems that way now
  • An unpredictable cyber attack doesn't have a predictable solution, despite all the security measures in place it has an unpredictable outcome
  • An Artificial Intelligence (AI) is as dumb as the person who coded it and its as smart as that same dumb person who coded it
  • I carefully choose my enemies. One must really know discipline, honor and respect to qualify for it
  • Apple takes the same device, changes either charging port or headphone jack and calls it a completely new model. This is exactly like you take a Zebra, change the color of the eye or teeth and tag it as a totally new species!!
  • Relationships are now a days to indulge in just anything possible despite knowing the fact things are NOT going to happen the way we expect them or make up things in our head. Reality totally differs. At least at any given point of time one of the two people are totally aware of the facts yet they just keep sipping from the cup which doesn't belong to them. Thats what everyone's doing and one day they end up with a coffee with full of someone else's vomit!
  • And it wasn't love really, seemed she was really interested but turned out she had been making her choices and weigh them in a long term profit of luxury, bank balance etc to which I could never qualify by far
  • In the game of truth or dare, there’s no guarantee the truth is being spoken
  • Since we became matured enough to understand death, we are taught that it is grief, loss and sad. I have seen death from close and I understand it as loss of grief, an end to the pain, its a transition into something better and leaving behind the pains and challenges of everyday
  • While we have made advancements in searching existence of life in the outer space, here on earth, most countries have to declare themselves "Independent" from the very own human race of this same planet. If the practice of slavery, dominance, black & white is prevalent within human race itself, imagine what would we do to the alien-mates! Probably thats one of the reasons we haven't been able to find them or they didn't want us to find them
  • Elegance is the only beauty I acknowledge, besides your thoughts and soul
  • Arrange marriage is a commitment that you accept coz the society has forced you to get into it and love marriage is a commitment that you choose to get into
  • Being in a relationship with the right person is as good as being single
  • Most people who -think- they're in love and try to -act- like a couple don't know that the secret is, they don't have to act around each other. If they can't be themselves, they aren't couples, they are just two people putting up a cheap show
  • Just like every electronic gadget is man-made and comes with a manual to operate it, even the God is man-made and the religious relics serve as the manual. When would the most intelligent being known to exist in this galaxy understand that one doesn't need the concept of God to be good or to do good.
  • Before I became Atheist, God was the one who I would try to befriend until one day his mask fell off and the truth came out. God was the dummy doll that needed a hand inside to make him talk and do his acts. The priests and religious gurus were the one who could make God do tricks and make him speak or send messages that they wanted. There are many kinds of Dummy's that you can find around and at least one of them is successfully fooling people around. Ever since i unfriended God, he has been constantly trying to befriend me again and keeps sending all these people who claim to be his messengers but they fail to deliver his message properly every time.
  • If god and religion are your reasons to be & to do good, your existence needs a strong reason too!
  • The irony of being in this profession of Cyber Security is that we have to be updated with all the latest technology but when at work, we are stripped off all the technology. They take away email access, no smart phones allowed, sometimes not even dabba phones
  • The quality of words that one shares is a reflection of the quality of themselves
  • I'll match up, no matter what your pace is, i ll catch up when you're asleep
  • It is better to be constantly at war and let the opponent know that even if i can kill him, i will not, i will keep giving him one more chance every time to either prove his worth or earn my respect
  • To be in Love or to be in war, you need someone who is equally committed to you or against you. But if the world around you is determined to give you all wrong reasons / inputs and somehow you take it, then you lose both in love and war. You may show to the world that you have won, but deep down inside you know you gave up right when it was needed the most. You win in love by staying committed and not deserting the one who put all their trust in you, likewise, you don't win the war by brutally killing your opponent, instead you win them over by being in the war even if you had a chance to brutally kill them
  • Most experts in the IT and security industry know what already exists today, they have no idea of whats coming tomorrow. Hackers are the ones who invent and build stuff for tomorrow. So, technically all you guys who believe yourselves to be expert on a particular platform, it has been built by some Hacker.
  • When yesterday can become tomorrow, someone has invented a time machine
  • I have been stupid enough to fall into persuasive but false thoughts of religion and god; now am enlightened enough to be an atheist!
  • People climb the mountain of shit to pluck the single rose and discover that they'd lost their sense of smell. That's what they like to call as self-awareness, no matter how ostentatious it seems
  • Neither am I comfortable with this world, nor the world is with me
  • Madness is pure and undiluted genius.
  • You still HAVEN'T seen any of it. You only know my name not my story! There's a time ahead that is gonna teach us more of what we haven't imagined yet. The trick is to move ahead with a blank mind than the fear of facing it. The plan against fear always fails, but spontaneity wins over it.
  • If we are to go out for cyber warfare, then we need lot of brains, lot of intelligence and lot of experience & ideas put together in one place and NOT guided by certified people or govt agencies, but lead by free minds and wild souls
  • When people say Be Yourself, they mean - be what everyone knows you as
  • I see people offering flowers, coconuts, fruits, sacrifice animals in the name of devotion to God Almighty. When did He ask you to destroy the nature and its being other than taking care of it ?
  • Religion is a subject of blind-faith; Science is a subject of doubts & experiments. So when a religion is scientifically proved or supported, it is not only blind-faith but also doubtful
  • So long as religions exists, humanity will be divided and will not be at peace
  • As long as you could appreciate my efforts and remain consistent, you don't have to doubt my loyalty. If you could stay strong with me, I swear I'll keep both of us strong and safe.
  • It may sound crazy and why shouldn't it when you like someone so much that you dwell into their energy and recognize the scent of their skin, all that matters is the essence of that person. That is what falling love with the soul is and not the outer beauty.
  • Conscience is such an ugly thing, it makes you do things and then put you to regret it, but then if you don't do it, your guilt kills you
  • "All men are dogs". If thats the kind of truth you like to hear and believe, then there's one more truth you have to learn. If he appreciates your slutty look, then, sure he has no other intention other than to treat you and put you through a slutty business and the same disrespect. Other truth is, if a man who looks at a woman, who knows to be modern and yet carry herself well, he will yearn to love her, respect her, marry her and most importantly be loyal and committed to her. Yes! all men are dogs! Only a respectful woman can own a loyal one :D
  • While there are bunch of religions, caste and gender based reservations for jobs and admissions, scholarships for education, they forgot all about the reservations for the atheists. You say atheists don't belong to any religion? Let me remind you sir, if there wouldn't be any religion or concept of god, the atheists wouldn't exist. So, whats our reservation percentage?
  • When people don't like you and want to change you they say - "Be WHATEVER, WHOEVER you are" But when someone really loves you they say - "Be WHAT and WHO you are"
  • Proud to be Indian, ashamed to be part of "Independent India". Its just an illusion of independence but we are still slaves in the hands of corruption, poverty, illiteracy and we are still fighting and struggling for the basic needs.
  • You should fall in love, be in love, but shouldn't lose self-respect!
  • While there are bunch of religion, caste and gender based reservations for jobs and admissions, scholarships for education, they forgot all about reservations for the atheists. You say atheists don't belong to any religion? Let me remind you sir, if there wouldn't be any religion or concept of god, the atheists wouldn't exist. So, whats our reservation percentage?
  • "All men are dogs". If that's the kind of truth you like to hear and believe, then there's one more truth you have to learn. If he appreciates your slutty look, then, sure he has no other intention than to treat you and put you through a slutty business and the same disrespect. Other truth is, if a man who looks at a woman, who knows to be modern and yet carry herself well, he will yearn to love her, respect her, marry her and most importantly be loyal and committed to her. Yes! all men are dogs! Only a respectful woman can own a loyal one
  • Like the doctor is recognized by white coat, an advocate by his black coat for their profession, we see people trying to fit in saffron clothes, white gown, bearded and non-bearded men into “professional costumes” coz religion is their profession, and without the religion they all would be out of business!
  • I don't have to live up to somebody's expectations, coz when I set my own standards for myself, it will be difficult for somebody's expectation to meet those standards!!
  • I see people from one religion calling the people of other religions to be an A-hole, my dear fellow humans, one doesn't need a religion to be an A-hole, either they are born that way, or choose to be so.
  • Stop re-installing and start fixing things, that's how Linux works. 
  • If you give Liberty to your thoughts and existence, then you don't need Freedom from what other's think of you.
  • Even if I were to become slave of Linux, I'd still get redemption from the Proprietary OS gutt
  • Even when we are not matured enough to understand the existence and meaning of devils, demons or ghosts, we are taught that they are bad and evil, and our minds are trained to be scared of them. The same happens about people and religion! We don't even know if the idea and existence of devils and religions are true, but our minds are trained to like or dislike them!
  • Trying to understand and predict life is like an English speaking guy falling in love with a Chinese speaking gal. She keeps telling him something, and the guy doesn't understand anything at all but then he lets her keep telling him what he can never understand! Exactly, he's always confused!
  • Happy Teacher's Day - The real respect and gratitude for teachers just end with last generation, and so did the good teachers!
  • Let the demons inside you wake up today and make some noise! Let them motivate you to do things differently and show your haters your supremacy and their inability to discourage you and bring down your spirits. Let there be positivity with in your proximity and you become an example of felicity, none less than an artist's creativity. No one could reach your velocity and be mesmerized by your divinity!
  • Just like consuming perfume along with the food is not going to make one's fart smell good, likewise dwelling in company of good friends is not going to make one good, if their upbringing is bad!
  • Animals don't have religions and they're doing better off than human race to live in peace and harmony.
  • If you decide to do evil things, make sure you do it for a good reason, else you will have no reason ever to be forgiven.
  • I don't like people finding good in me coz when they see good they expect good. And I am not here to stand by other's expectation from me. I enjoy being seen as diabolical.
  • Just the way raping is bad coz its against one's will, religion is also a rape to ones thoughts and beliefs that is forced upon them even before one could make a choice according to his/her will ! So, if rape is bad then religion is equally bad! Religion is raping and I don't want anyone to rape my thoughts. One should never let that happen to himself.
  • Sooner or later people will end up doing the things that you do and copy them. What you must ensure is, when you do it for the first time, do it with such greatness and perfection that when someone else tries to reproduce it, they will only have to wonder how you must have done it.
  • My life is like an Island, untouched and unexplored by anyone yet. People return from the shore, unaware of the beauty that lies within. But I must also admit its no less than Bermuda Triangle, all the things (which I believe are beautiful) that come into my life are lost!
  • You are planning up and preparing for a boxing championship (the real life) and on the way you find candy shops and ice cream parlors (bug bounties) and you pick them to relish. When you reach the boxing ring, you can boast about having tasted candies and ice creams but that's not going to win you the boxing championship.
  • Politicians and self-proclaimed Cyber Security Experts these days have one thing in common, What they say they are and what they promise that they can do is totally different than what they really do.
  • CEH guys live in fantasy world. Most of their activities are based on old logic and they are not innovative as the other real hackers are! Personally have seen them discouraging other users not to do anything innovative and want to have all the credits for themselves! If you are one of them and feel offended, you know you don't like to hear the white truth being spoken out.
  • I don't reply to few many idiotic comments whatsoever coming in on my status updates, its fun not to reply them and just watch as if you were watching idiots jumping into death holes.
  • Choosing between political parties to vote these days, is like choosing between Tsunami and Volcano eruption and debate which out of those would benefit the human existence!
  • Professionals don't demand to teach against money, they just want you to value the amount of time they invested to learn the skills, gain expertise and experience and bring it to you simplified and thats what you pay them for!
  • Most of the things we wish for will remain wish, its better to hope. In short, wishes usually conclude to the past desires and hope to the future achievements!
  • No system is 100% secure. The sense of security zeros down only when the vulnerability is found.
  • It seems magic unless its understood, and idiots senselessly keep clapping and cheering and go up to extent of being part of it, without realizing that its the magician who is enjoying your stupidity!
  • If coffee helps you become a better Programmer, then Cocaine would make you a better Hacker; Both make no sense!
  • These days, Hacking is a misunderstood and misused term and Hackers are misguided folks!
  • Once someone wants you to change the way they want, and then take away all your imperfections, there is no much left of who you really are! Its natural to be uncomfortable and be awkward but the ideal that's in your illusion and what you wish to become, doesn't exist! As a normal person seeing your identity completely directed to change will be shocking! If you look at some flawless person and wish to be like them, then remember, we live in an interesting time where its easy to fall in love with flawlessness and perfection but ultimately the beauty of being imperfect and real is totally lost! Be Yourself, Be Original!
  • Windows users end up usually with the same skill level, regardless of how much they have used it, but no two Linux users be of the same skill level.
  • Looking at other person and being motivated is one thing, but looking at the achievements of others and getting carried away is only going to ruin you. Work on what is of your interest and put in your efforts in your passion and that's what will take you to a position where you could be motivation to the next ones!
  • That's how I expect relationships to be in my life... hard to get along, but even hard to give up!!
  • Life makes you compromise for everything, why not fight a little and compromise to something better!!
  • Programming is done in the head, output is processed on computer.
  • One should be introduced to the idea of religion only after the age of 21, considering the age to maturity, and freedom to choose one's own religion that they want to. Till then the focus has to be building a good human instead of planting the corrupt ideas into innocent minds and fill it with love for one's own religion and hatred for others' religions!!.
  • Falling in love itself means to fall in love with every little quality and being of a person, their existence and their every little act must mean so much to you that anything annoying will automatically vanish and will not even be considered but just goes ignored as if the person is complete and perfect!!
  • I strongly support one Idea, for all those who seeking help from Google must pay to use it, and for all those who contributing to it, shall get to use it for free for a limited period, then you ll see how the world changes!! The real skilled guys will get the jobs they deserve, and not just the qualified unskilled literates!
  • For almost all the people that have job today, just take away one thing from them, GOOGLE, and they don't deserve to be on their job anymore. They can't accomplish even the 10% of their job!!
  • We have one best of the best friend, who is always there for us, makes our life easier but its the same friend that is meant to ruin us. I call him Google!
  • Unlike the old times, the modern definition and idea of God and religion makes me spell bound. It seems like a competition to make one's God appear greater than others'.  The modern picture of a religion and God is nothing of being human but advertisement. Existence of the God is now a question from the way His name is being advertised in the name of different religions!!
  • If you speak Chinese to a Tribal, he'll curse you for not understanding the alien language, similarly if you try to teach hacking to people who don't even understand basics, they'll blame you that you know nothing.
  • Looking at others it's easy to think that you want to be like that, but having an equal passion like that person in the same subject is not really possible. Go with your passion and you shall excel next to nothing.
  • Geeks n Nerds never see restriction, they always see an opportunity to implement something new and do a work around even in the most impossible situation.


roz yaad kiya khuda ko to ibaadat ban gayi
roz yaad kiya jaanasheen ko to aafat ban gayi
nazrein mila kar, itraakar loot leti dil har kisi ka
kaatil-e-ishq karna to jaise uski aadat ban gayi

keh na saku dil ki zubaan,
abba-amma hai uske zaalima
pyaar kar na saku, mar bhi na saku
kya hogi shaadi, kya hogi walima

jeene ki wajah na rahi to bewafa ne ishq kar liya,
masoom wo katle-e-ishq me aisa fasa,
uske jeene ki wajah wo ban gayi,
jiski jeene ki wajah hi galat thi!

itrakar apni noor-e-husn par, wo sab se pare baithe hai
gunaah-e-maasum kar wo mehfil me khuda ho gaye
rutba-e-zaalimon ka is jahan me kuch aisa hai
beparwah, bewakoofi me sab se juda ho gaye

Is bande ki aukaad nahi ke wo khuda ki ibaadat-e-gusthaki kare
darta hu maula se khuda-e-fitrat me mujhe be-noor na karde
is kadar hai shohrat-e-naa-paak, wajood-e-naa-cheez sabse pare
mera mehboob rooth na jaye, kahi wo mohabbat se tauba na karle

Wo mohtaaz nahi kisi tareef-e-shayar ke Alfaaz
unki noor-e-saaz se ajnabi sheher bhi ban jaaye Taj
kajraare naino ki ishq me dushmani hazaaron se ki
Khatm na kijiye humse yun rishta kaatil-e-nazron ki
Qubool hai sazaa-e-ruksat anjaan-e-jaanat ki
Na-qubool hai doori mehboob-e-mannat ki
Gham hai awaara akele main bhattak jata hai,
uski sahobat me ashq bhi kabhi chalak jata hai,
Zindagi meri akss hai unke dua-e-meherbaniyo ki
warna hum to naseeb the saaya-e-pareshaniyo ki
Jaane kab noor-e-chaand bikhar jaye badalte zamane me,
be-rang na reh jaye zindagaani khali pyala ho jaise maikhaane me

na ye shehar mera, na ye jahan, ban gaya hu kaafir-e-musafir
bas ja kisi dil-e-naadan me, bas muhabbat-e-gunaah karle tu fir

wo hume bhool gaye, haq banta hai unka
meri baat aur hai, gunaah-e-ishq hai hume
nashe me doobne ki ek aadat si ban gayi ab
ek arsa guzar gaya unki yaadon ka nasha karte-2
unke toote dil-e-tookde jodne me mashroof the
apna wajood-e-kaafir dekha to hosh hi udd gaye
fazeel-e-rooh par khoon ke cheeten the bahot
gunaah-e-muaaf karne ka tazoorba na tha unhe
takleef-e-zindagi bayan kiya to gunaah karaar diya
masoom-e-qaatil ke gunaahon ke to charche bhi na the
mere chehre ka deedar kar kafan me wo puch baithe
huzoor, ye naye libaas me kahan chalne ke iraade hai
mujh se bhichadne ki jaldi thi tumhe Mohtarma
tumhare maslay ka hal nikaalne ka iraada bana chuke the
guroor hua mujhe, jab unhe bhi muhabbat ho gayi humse
janaaza uthane ke intezaar khatam hone se pehle
mujhe bhi yaad karna janaaza-e-aashiqo ke ginti me
ke teri muhabbat me sakoon-e-zindagi luta chuke the
muft me ehsaan na lena muhabbat ka, dil aur bhi saste honge
jo hai qatil-e-bemuhabbat aaj, wo kal ko fariste bane honge!

dariya-e-ishq me doob masroor ho gaya hu
naamanjoor-e-dua me behad kaafir ho gaya hu
hadees-e-berehamiyat se muhabbat thi is kadar
inkaar-e-muhabbat me majboor ho gaya hu
aarzoo-e-janaza guzre meri, intezaar tha unko
bas isi haqeeqat-e-beqarari me mashoor ho gaya hu
main agar maango ishq to na dena mujhe
nasha, sharaab, shabaab se tauba kar gaya hu
ishq tera ek nasoor tha, na ye kabhi ruksat hoga
be-ijazat meri thi tum, magroor ho gaya hu
farmaaish-e-muaafi karne laga kaatil-e-husn ko
toote-dil-aashiqo ki duniya me khuda ban gaya hu
– Shayar-e-Naacheez Miya UnhappyGhost

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