We are born, right inside the womb. Life starts and we have a world to share, with our mama. Our food is what she eats, drinks and we start living in a world that is shared by her. It's all safe and no worries can ever touch us. The real challenge begins when you take birth and come into this world. That ONE WORLD you shared with mama, is no more the only world!

You now share a world with your dad, another little world with your brother, another with sister and so on. In fact, we all have got these bunch of little worlds that we got to share, even before we are conscious of it or matured enough to understand it. This is going to give your brain nerves a little trouble, but stick with me to see how I look at life really.

When we start growing up, there is this little world shared with dad where he teaches us to walk, he throws us into the air to let go off our fears, supports us at every little step in life we take and as we keep growing up, the world shared with dad gets smaller and smaller as his world is more occupied of work and responsibilities. But remember, you still share that small part of your world with him, as he does it with you, and no matter what, this will always remain important to both you and him! Then we have other little worlds that we share with each of our siblings. This world is very significant as you share your little secrets, your little stupid acts, your feelings and emotions and you grow up together! 

What I really mean by the word WORLD is that you have a different state of your mind when you talk to your mom than your dad and that of your siblings. You do not talk to each of them in the same way, same attitude and same things! When you talk to mom, usually you have love and respect for her and with dad is love and honor and feeling of thankfulness for all that he does for the family, for siblings it's love and a strong bond and sometimes a feeling of being one minded, one soul in two bodies and sometimes totally a feeling of being lost too!

We form such a little world with each person we interact, meet or come in contact with. We share a separate world with each of our friends. Some worlds are just there to talk and some others just to ruin your day and a couple of worlds are your favorite as you feel very happy and emotionally supported. 

Then, there forms a world that really occupies the vast part of your life, THE LOVE, that really opens up another world within yourself, that you never knew existed! It almost takes over the rest of your worlds and you just want nothing else but this world to freeze here, for always, and sure there comes a time when this world shatters and along with it, blows away most of the other worlds we have. 

We are always hopping and switching from one world to another, not even realizing the fact that they do exist, few that were created even before we were conscious of them, and many others that we create and destroy almost everyday! And at any given point of time, we are overlapping our little world with that of others’. 

Here is one such world in which I share it with the reader now, You! In some unnamed, untagged bonds that create a very special world where we have our little secrets and you just love that little world to share with the person! No promises made, no demands, no questions, no lies and a total freedom to be ourselves and talk anything literally and yet be unjudged of being good or bad! And right the moment you switch away from this world, you feel you are masked, and you’re faking. 

Life never ends, the little worlds do!

— UnhappyGhost