A woman's real beauty is hidden in and on her skin. There are volumes of stories written on them. A few stories beneath the skin that are invisible and then those visible ones that are written all across her skin. 

There may be times when she had been heartbroken or sad or had a mood swing or menstrual cycle and she decided to munch on those cheese filled delicacies or chocolates and ice creams. These bitter and hard times have been converted in the form of fat and flab under her skin and they are only acknowledging the Sovereignty#1 of her life before taking control over her emotions. Some of them may have gone through medical procedures or genetic struggle in the body which has led to those invisible stories hiding under her skin in the form of flab. Do not look at her size, instead only grab her, kiss her hard, kiss her deep and let her know all her invisible stories and struggles that she had been through, you accept them and they will never become a reason for her to feel neglected or ignored.

And then there are those visible marks. The scars that she bears, stand proof of her struggling phase in a relationship where a monster had decided to overpower her and leave those bitter remarks on them. Sometimes you see stretch marks, which speak for the times when she decided to take control and work things out, to stay fit or to give birth to a new life. You can find them all over her back, her shoulders, on the chest, on the waist, on the hips, thighs and sometimes on her soul. Kiss those stretch marks, bury your face in them for you could only find the fragrance of her beautiful life, which is a collection of every small and big story she has been part of, that's the visible part of her soul you see.

And there are those, who have inked (tattoo) their skin. These are those free-spirited, gypsy minds and winged souls who don't hesitate to go through the piercing  of needles, embrace all those pain because they know, it's only going to turn out beautifully once the pain is gone. 

I always thought of stretch marks as lightning on the human body, like a celestial body. Let stop making people believe that there are perpetual problems with the appearance of women's bodies and instead we must celebrate their existence and reassure women that they are like tigresses who earned their stripes. Let them know, no amount of fat, flab, ink, scars or stretch marks could make them less important and they will only be adored, appreciated and loved more for learning from their past and be wiser today. dear fellow mate (men), please learn only to add a little crack to her skin, when you crush her gently in your arms and leave her elated and filled with joys of being accepted for who she really is. Dear women, I kneel before your supremacy and divine entity for embracing everything and everyone with so much love that you shower, even on those undeserving ones, I bow down to your humility for not taking credits of your godly existence and for being the elixir of life. I dedicate this piece of writing to you and to every woman out there, regardless and assure I love you. 

#1 Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies

— UnhappyGhost