Again, my idea of celebrating women for a day is different from the rest of the world. I do not believe in the concept of making someone feel special (rather say fool them) for a day and then treat them like trash for the rest of the year. In fact, the celebration of one gender itself is a testament and start of inequality. Shouldn't we be encouraging to celebrate a better person or better human than debating about better gender?

You wanna know what's your real value for today? You will be attracted by discounts, coupons, special offers at boutiques, parlor, malls, that's the only attraction you will have today for being a woman. You will receive flowers, gifts, jewelry or clothes today and that's the only materialistic value you will be weighed in today for being a woman. Your gender has only left you to be no less than a product that will lead to high sales value and good business. Is that really what you are? Meaningless poetries, cheesy meaningless messages shall be written for you for that's the only meaning you will have to your life today for being a woman. Movies and art films will be shown across different streaming media because that's the only kind of art you will remain today for being a woman. You will be busy today drowning yourself in all those unreal and dreamy worlds, unreal descriptions of your non-existent personality being presented to you today with not a little idea that tomorrow will not be women's day, you have no slightest gist of what's coming ahead tomorrow! 

Why don't you for once show your real strength and stand against such stupid ideology of celebrating a gender once a year and the ask what happens the rest of the year? You've been tortured, blamed, mentally abused, physically harassed by people of both genders and yet you are easily fooled to believe that you are celebrated and special today? 

Let me ask you a few questions but do not answer then coz they’re only rhetorical. The answers are supposed to be food for your own thoughts. 

I do not deny your sacrifices, your strength, integrity and all those big words being used today. I only ask, why is it important to just throw these words around once a year and not put them into practice every day? Have you appreciated those who have really added to your life rather than just take away your peace? No doubt you are the most magnificent creation of nature but do remember you have flaws and you’re not perfect. So, do not get fooled in the moment and get carried away by these illogical concepts where you only end up remaining a product and means for someone’s entertainment or earning. The real definition of women isn’t anywhere close to what is being presented in the form of flowers, cards, gifts, free coupons and sales and that's nowhere really close to empowerment. 

When you stop fighting for a better or quality education, you have degraded your value. When you willingly want to cover your head and not because you were brought up that way or forced to follow it because of religious/cultural beliefs or for the fear of society, that's when you will be truly an independent woman. When you stop playing the helpless poor girl card and when you really take charge and equally stand shoulder to shoulder, you’ll be respected honestly. Stop expecting men to earn and feed you. Why can’t YOU earn and feed a family that raised you to be worthy enough to earn and not find the rule of a society to escape your own responsibilities? Why don’t you for once accept and acknowledge the sacrifices made by men for you, which you may never be aware of, but living off in a dream world that you did it all on your own! You are not a damsel in distress, a weakling, you are not someone who needs to be saved and fed with a silver spoon, you can save yourself and you can feed yourself, and you can defend yourself. Be your own knight in shining Armour, let the world cower under your fierce gaze and nobody shall ever look at you like you are a piece of meat unless you decide to present and be like one!

You are not the kind of woman who settles easily, so keep hustling and take chances, take risks, become the woman you are meant to be, not the woman you were raised to be, not the woman the society wants you to be and absolutely get out of the idea that you were tricked into and forcefully beaten into a mold to fit the idea of a woman. Stop making excuses, excuses like "I can't do it, he'll never allow me to do it", "I can't go out late at night, I'm not allowed to go out after 8 pm", "I can't tell anyone, what would people think?", "I can't fight anymore, I'm not that strong." You are strong and you don't need permission to speak up and take what's yours. The only person not permitting you to be a real woman is You because you’ve ingrained the idea in your mind that you should be living to fit in someone else's idea of living. Your success isn’t about exceeding in a man’s world or the situations controlled by men. You are only strong when you stop getting influenced by other people's words and ideologies of how you should live your life. I do not ask you to stop being yourself or lose your real identity, I only plead you to stop acknowledging/accepting the misrepresentation and wrongly portrayed idea of being a woman. The only goal of your life is not to serve the man or get married and have kids, you have far more better goals and the most important one must be achieving your dreams.

 I rest my case here. Oh! Well, Happy Women’s Day! 

— VV & UnhappyGhost