The teachers, instructors and educators have chosen a complete wrong way to impart their knowledge. The job of the teachers is to only impart the knowledge and information to the students and NOT force their opinion, belief and views upon them. You just have to show them every piece of study and let the students experiment and form their own opinion and views about it. This is happening more or less everywhere. Especially the institutes that deal with the subjects related to Ethical Hacking, Info Security from where the students learn and go out into the market, they are really no less than a zombie with their minds already filled with ideas of someone else's belief and it surprise me how the students are never encouraged to think and form their own opinion instead. I am an instructor too and I am totally against the idea of building the army of zombies. Colleges and Universities are a part of this zombie race too and the tech fest and seminars that we see around is the quick poison being injected to form more dangerous zombies.

Everyone is directly or indirectly a teacher around here. If you run a blog and share information, then you're a teacher. Someone surely reads and believes in the information that you shared, so be careful on what you share and preach and of course you don't get paid for it in most cases. If you run an institute or an Education Academy, then your responsibilities are doubled. You're a community where one pays to study and not learn your beliefs. As a teacher, not all that you believe is correct and ethical, at the end of the day you are a human being and everyone has their part of goods and bads. What if your bad part is what you are sharing to your listeners? Most of the instructors who I come across want to show off that all that they know is the best and they don't teach crap. Come on, let's be honest, that belief of yours is already crap! You choose to teach the ones who are bright and neglect the dull ones. The bright students are due to their own will and hard work. Try teaching and sharing the dull ones too. You never know which one of your listeners will put it to some good use! If you make a statement that these students are dumb, then remember its YOU who doesn't know to teach in the first place and your methods are wrong!

To understand it well, let's put an example like this. A teacher and a student both know there are 3 primary colors - Red, Green, Blue. It's the teacher who can show students to make use of these primary colors, do the right combination and come up with more colors! And then leave it to the choice of students as to what they want to paint with those colors, may it be a kitten, a tiger or a dragon! As a teacher I would love to see my students painting a blue kitten, a pink tiger or a white dragon and not force them to stick to the idea of painting only white, black or gray kittens on and so forth. It's completely wrong on our part, as a teacher, to expect them to paint only those things that I know. As a teacher, you're always in the process of learning too!

It really makes me question "Is it really so difficult to build and offer an open study platform where one goes to learn and grasp the knowledge than simply eat what is vomited by others? Why do we really need to limit the possibilities of students' reach?" I've had these debates and some of them have said that the students might turn evil. Really? Are they turning evil or is it that they just don't fit into your ideas and belief of good?

It reminds me how an engineering student who approached me for a final year project was so disappointed that his project was not being approved by the instructor in his college just coz the project topic was not from the list of choice he was given (which were really old and not enough innovative ideas were being encouraged) and also the instructor himself had no knowledge on this particular project in question. Upon my suggestion to him about not to really worry about this just one project, but to get it done the way the instructor wants it, and that he has greater opportunities ahead once he graduates. He showed rant, rather than say his honest statement left me tongue struck. His exact words were "Sir, why should our education system behave like a mould where each student is beaten and turned into one shape. We don't have liberty to try new things and we are never encouraged even to think out of the box! If we comply to the instructors we end up having good mark-sheets, else we have a mark-sheet that has average remark, which ultimately will show in the job interviews that am an average or below average student despite the fact that I am way more creative than what the mark-sheets speak of me".

Here's a quote to wrap this up - “The ignorance of a few, Can lead to the Mis-education of nations.”

If you believe that students mustn't be treated this way and mustn't be look down upon, then share this and show that you support the idea and that you want an education system free of such instructors and the ideology of closed and limited beliefs

— UnhappyGhost