What is the point of educating a girl, letting her pursue her career for a while and then force her into society approved arranged marriage where the real point of getting married isn't to make her life better but to justify the fulfilling of responsibilities of being a parent in the eyes of the society? How could educated minds of girls and ladies not protest against any of it and silently decide to put an end to everything they have achieved so far and lead a life serving her husband and his parents? 

Likewise, if being a man you are equally participating in this whole drama of being married to be approved in the eyes of the society and if, in some or the other way you become the reason for your wife to stop pursuing her education/career, what is the use of such educational degrees that you boast about while getting married, if you can't support your better-half to continue doing what she always wanted to do?

Okay! For the sake of balanced discussion, let's agree that the girl has chosen this life for herself. But then, why does she have to put down her head always and live a life as if everyone is her master and her only purpose of life is to serve them?

Why should there be criteria of proving one's financial security, educational/academic achievement, high job designations, ownership of property, savings, bank balance which are all mere delusional concepts. Why does the same qualification become a matter of pride for a man, but the same is deprived of the woman, to justify the criteria of marriage? Being a parent and being a female who is willing to marry a person, based on such criteria, ask yourself, what's the guarantee that if the man proves himself to be financially strong today, he will have the same financial stability always? What is the guarantee that a highly educated person will hold his dignity and respect when angry or when in arguments? Where does educational certificate guarantee about the personal behavior of a person or prove that in the state of aggression he won't be harmful to you?

From a parent's perspective, should we not be looking into most important factors to get your daughter married, to a man who is loving, who truly will respect her and support in her quest and she will not be humiliated or tortured or looked down upon just coz she belongs to a particular gender? Marriage is a responsibility to be shared equally by bride and groom, alas! it’s only the bride who has to compromise and adjust at every step and surprisingly it’s their own choice of life. 

I rest my case and say again Don't educate a girl, if you only intend to enslave her at every step and every opportunity

—  UnhappyGhost