There's only one truth of life and it is DEATH, everything else is just a false idea we want to entertain and convince ourselves of them as truth. The other truth is that Death can take away life, it seems that it has won over life, but what's not realized is that death cannot be greater than love, it can NEVER overpower love. Love is Supreme and only love can ensure that the ones we loved always remain with us. We're caught in the moment and our emotions do not let us think and see the higher purpose beyond this moment of death.

When I hear of the death of my loved ones or those unknown, I cry. I cry out of pain, but more importantly it makes me sad that I am still alive and I have a lot more to suffer and face life each day. The ones who are embraced by death are the lucky ones who finished their purpose here earlier than the rest of us and they have moved on to the next life to serve a greater purpose. Do not cry for the one who is gone from this world. Only in our ideas, we think they're dead, but in reality they have transformed into somebody else where. If you cry out of love or attachment for the one who's gone, then we must remember that they've been assigned another life to spread and teach the same kind of love we experienced in their presence and we must learn to accept the idea of sharing that sort of love and letting them go in peace coz they taught us what we had to, but only we never realized when they were around us. Now it is time there are other people who receive the gift of love. This teaches us the most important lesson of letting go and at the same time appreciate the ones who are still around us. Let us love them more, learn more from them and even more importantly let them know that we love them back equally while they are still here around us. 

Soon, there will come a time when you'll have to leave this world too. Make sure you've given so much love and spread so much positivity that there are a lot of people who will remember you for what you've given them and they will do the same thing in return to others. Death is feared upon, but death is beautiful. It puts an end to the sorrows and miseries. It takes away something from each of us, but leaves us with something more precious and it is the gift of wisdom to love more fiercely, immensely, wildly and without any filters or limitations. 

We are species stupid enough to fear telling someone we love, but we do not fear facing death. Let me do my part by reminding the reader of this writing, you, that I love you a lot for the person you are, in all the ways and in all the forms that you choose to be. Let this piece of writing serve the purpose to let you know that I love you for the immensely vivid and such magnificent soul you are and your existence in the lives of each one directly or indirectly connected to you is greatly appreciated. Until death takes us apart, I will love you and there's no greater truth or purpose of this life.

—  UnhappyGhost