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Response to open letter by unemployed engineer | UnhappyGhost - Ethical Hacker - Security Expert - India

Dear Engineers,

I understand your pain. Instead of writing an open letter and cribbing and complaining of people who are looking for an experience candidate, why don't you get into a job first and learn the work culture, get some experience instead of demanding huge packages right from the beginning.

You think being educated and being experienced is the same thing. NO! You are educated first so that you can over come challenges and difficulties while you are in the process of gaining experience. Stop complaining and get into a job first. You always have to start from zero. Even your education started from Kindergarten and your progress each day since made you an engineer today. Don't forget, when you opted to study a particular subject to graduate, that subject might have been in demand then and almost after 4 years the market has changed and so are its demands and requirements! How do you expect someone to hire you, when you have graduated with a strategy 4 years old or may be you got carried away by looking at someone who is earning huge package, but forgot to realize the fact that he is earning not coz he is engineer but for the amount of years he worked at a low income and slogged himself day and night to reach where he is today. He is not being paid for his degree, but for his experience!

Lets take an example. On a daily basis millions of people use Facebook, Watsapp and other social networks. For you, its free and its fun, but for the people, who are working behind the scenes to manage and make these services available, it is a challenge every moment. When Facebook is down even for an hour, you start complaining and cribbing but the engineer responsible to fix it knows the pain and the pressure. His education is not what makes him fix the problem, but his experience lets him analyze the problem quickly and find a working solution. Get the point?

When companies hire candidates, they don't fully trust you. And it is totally agreeable. Why would they take risk with the resources, for which they invested huge, and let it into hands of a fresher? Take this advice, stop cribbing, stop complaining and stop blaming the other people for your inappropriate decisions. Your reputation isn't defined by what job you are in. You have to be on the job first. If you are looking for a ego-boosting-highly-paid jobs, just to satisfy the expectation of the society, relatives and people who never contributed into the struggle that your parents have gone through to pay for your education and other basic needs, then such jobs don't exist.

Lastly, for the people who see me and envy for being where I am, let me tell you I have more experience doing odd jobs (automobile mechanic, salesman, marketing executive, cashier, store keeper, courier delivery guy to mention a few which never made to my resume) and to persue the dream job it took me years and nothing was served ready-made like the other of my classmates had it. Please remember, there will always be one or the other problem, your attitude towards it is important. Don't just keep complaining, do something about it and find a solution. 

Signing off, 

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