Raspberry-Pi-2 vs Odroid-C1 vs Humming-Board-i2ex vs Banana-Pi-Pro Comparison Sheet

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With the announcement of new Raspberry Pi 2 model B, everyone is taken by surprise with the huge configuration and performance improvements but it is absolutely not possible to ignore the others in the game. Odroid is one such name that can sometimes overshadow the big daddy of single board computing. But as of today, Raspberry Pi is unshaken and no doubt it has made a strong user community which is hard to break. Even taking other modules and external, detachable hardware into consideration, Raspberry remains undefeated. Again, I don't want to sound biased nor settle with one-sided judgement, so here is a comparison sheet for Raspberry Pi 2 B vs Raspberry Pi B+ vs Odroid C1 vs Humming Board i2EX vs Banana Pi Pro, these single board mini PCs are build on ARM architecture to run Linux and Android OS.

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  1. ODROID C1 specs are incomplete: the memory is DDR3 792MHz, and storage is both microSD and eMMC.
    I also think it would be a good idea which codecs are supported out of the box. ODROID C1 supports H265 while RPi 2 doesn't, and you don't have to buy licences with ODROID C1. (Yes, I'm definitely buying ODROID C1).

  2. I can't see stereo jack output in Odroid C1?

  3. Why are you inspired by "Adolf Hitler"?


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