Comment Your Opinion: Is #Google scared to test #GoogleFiber in #India?

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Google Fibre is Broadband Internet and TV services with unbeatable speed of 1Gbits/s. In Feb 2014 Google has announced 34 cities added to their list of future candidature, but all limited to United States. 

According to online surveys in 2014, US has about 87% of its citizen (254 million) using Internet but on an average only 12% really understand the new and underlying technology. On the other hand, India has only 16% of its citizen (243 million by 2014) that use internet and on an average 38% really understand the underlying technology. 

These figures show, out of almost equal number of average users, the users who can really understand and test out the new services and technology launched are double in number and yet don't even get to try it! And only handful of people get to decide the fate of a technology that could really change the world!

What makes Google scared to launch its services in India, where they can have far more users who could test and understand the new products and services, and better end consumers investing into the new technology?

Whats your opinion about it? Please comment below.

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  1. Probably the support from Indian Government, the lobbying which they might need to do get things done.

    I am sure if Google any day comes India with its fiber Services, people like us would be first to test.

  2. Yes, I have seen there are other services also like Google Voice etc which are not available yet in India.

  3. Even Google Glass is yet far out of reach of Indian users yet. Google has to re-think on its product release and testing pattern for rest of the world outside US

  4. Google already have their offices in India and even their data centers to distribute and load balance the traffic. If they can have all their data centers linked with super speed connection, then I really wonder why can cannot let the services be tested in India. Of course, the Govt also has to take initiative in such matters!

  5. While Google will have very tough time integrating their Google voice in India with various telecommunication providers in India, there are alternative ways to activate Google voice on your Google account but you cannot integrate your local number for the incoming redirection yet.

  6. seems google dont trust anyone outside usa

  7. What i think is Google is testing their products in US because their are many developed countries where google has not released their products.


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