#FBI controlled #Linux Servers & Dangerous IP ranges- Never Scan them! [Updated 2015]

7:38:00 PM

Many security enthusiasts and novice security analysts have mushroomed more than 300% in just last couple of years which shows the IT security has seriously caught up the attention of aspiring IT professionals but again it is a matter of concern and raises a question - How many of them really justify the title Security Analyst or Security Experts?

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation controlled linux server and honeypots | UnhappyGhost - Ethical Hacker - Security Expert - India

While there are more self-proclaimed Ethical Hackers and even the ones trained under different branded training institutes, over the time while they learn different skills to secure their resources, they end up tapping into the dark places without knowing the rules that could lead them into dangers that they are not aware of! This goes both for Network Security professionals and Security Application programmers!

Network Scanning is one such phase, which is fun but can be illegal and dangerous too! While using the automated tools to scan and audit different networks, these auditors / analysts forget the mere basic rule to exclude certain IP Addresses from their scanning range, which are NEVER supposed to be even ping-ed in the first place. The programmers who build such automated tools need to include these IP ranges into their application, and at least prompt or alert while it is being used for scanning.

Here are list of IP Address Ranges, that one must always exclude from their scanning list, of which consists of many FBI controlled Linux servers and other secure Military Networks The information provided below are only for educational purpose and have been collected manually from various public sources over the internet, and may change over time.

Source : #ARIN and #Darknet

This list is compiled from the United States Government, United Nations and F.B.I, C.I.A and some N.S.A IP's. This list is incredibly large, Almost 50,000,000 IPs are on this one list, so, get it while it's available.

This list includes:

  • Army & Air Force Exchange Service 
  • US Department of Defense Network 
  • US Navy 
  • US Army 
  • DoD Network Information Center 
  • Level 1 Communications 
  • Level 2 Communications 
  • Level 3 Communications 
  • Level 4 Communications 
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration 
  • Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 
  • Department of National Defence 
  • The Internet Access Company 
  • U.s. Department Of State 
  • Indiana State Library 
  • Covenant Health 
  • USDA Office of Operations 
  • Central Intelligence Agency 
  • U. S. Marshals Service 
  • FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems 
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization 
  • UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory 
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 
  • VTX Services SA 
  • USMC Network Operations Center 
  • Stowe Access LLC 
  • Lowe's Companies 
  • Amazon.com 
  • Sonic.net 
  • Sonoma Interconnect 
  • Eonix Corporation 
  • National Security Administration 
  • Department of Justice 
  • Department of Energy - [Army Information Systems Center] - [Defense Information System Agency, VA] - [DoD Intel Information Systems, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington DC ] - [US Defense Information Systems Agency] - [Defense Information Systems Agency]
24.8.x.x [@Home, USA]
24.88.x.x [Roadrunner, USA]
24.112.x.x [@Home, Canada]
24.132.x.x [A2000, Netherlands]
24.188.x.x [Cablevisio Systems Corp (USA)] - [Honeypot] - [Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, UK - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [Joint Tactical Command] - [Joint Tactical Command]
53.x.x.x [DaimlerChrysler AG] - [Army National Guard Bureau] - [Honeypot]
62.52.x.x [Commundo]
62.52.x.x [Debitel]
62.62.x.x [lahm (9 Online French)]
62.69.140.x [AddCOM]
62.96.x.x [I-net]
62.137.x.x [Freeserve, UK]
62.150.x.x [bis 62.255.*.* T-Online]
62.156.x.x [Erotik-Welt]
62.157.x.x [1 & 1]
62.158.x.x [T-Online, Germany]
62.180.x.x [Planet Intercom]
64.9.x.x [Adelphia, USA]
64.44.x.x [Darwin Networks Community, USA] - [Do not scan] - [FBI's Honeypot] - [FBI's Honeypot] - [FBI's Honeypot]
80.x.x.x [lahm]
81.x.x.x [lahm] [University of Delaware] [University of Maryland] [Purdue University] - [Yahoo, Inc.] - [Yahoo, Inc.] - [Yahoo, Inc. (NETBLK-FOUR11DS559-68-19)] - [Yahoo, Inc. (NETBLK-FOUR11DS216-69-19)] - [Yahoo, Inc. (NETBLK-FOUR11DS698-70-19)] - [Yahoo, Inc. (NETBLK-FOUR11DS699-71-20)] - [FortuneCity Ltd.] Yale University [(NET-YALE-NET)] - [Army Yuma Proving Ground] - [Naval Surface Warfare Center] [orwegian Telecommunications Administration (NET-NTANET)] [University College London (NET-UCL-ETHERNET)] [University College London (NET-CL-CS-SERVICE)] [Rice University (NET-RICE-NET)] - [Defence Research Establishment-Ottawa] - [Army Communications Electronics Command (NET-TACTNET)] - [Naval Ocean Systems Center] - [Department of Defense (NET-COINS)] - [Department of Defense (NET-COINSTNET)] - [U.S. Naval Academy (NET-USNA-NET)] - [Naval Research Laboratory] - [Army Ballistics Research Laboratory (NET-BRL-SUBNET)] - [Army Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) (NET-CECOMNET)] - [Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (NET-DERA-UK)] [Northrop Grumman Corporation - Automation Sciences Laboratory (NET-NORTHROP-NET)] [University of Toronto Computing and Communications (NET-TORONTO)] [University of Minnesota (NET-UMN-NET)] - [NASA Ames Research Center] [Harvard University (NET-HARVA)] - [NASA Headquarters] [National Science Foundation (NET-NSF-LAN)] [University of Rochester (NET-UR-NET)] [Hughes Electronics (NET- HAC-ENET)] [Clarkson University (NET-CLARKSON)]
128.154.x.x [NASA Wallops Flight Facility (NET-WFF-NET)]
128.155.x.x [NASA Langley Research Center (NET-LARC-NET)]
128.156.x.x [NASA Lewis Network Control Center (NET- LERC)]
128.157.x.x [NASA Johnson Space Center (NET-JSC-NET)]
128.158.x.x [NASA Ames Research Center (NET-MSFC-NET)]
128.159.x.x [NASA Ames Research Center (NET-KSC-NET)]
128.160.x.x [Naval Research Laboratory (NET- SSCNET)]
128.161.x.x [NASA Ames Research Center (NET-NSN-NET)]
128.183.x.x [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (NET-GSFC)] [Army Belvoir Reasearch and Development Center] - [50th Space Wing]
128.216.x.x [MacDill Air Force Base (NET-CC-PRNET)]
128.217.x.x [NASA Kennedy Space Center (NET-NASA-KSC-OIS)]
128.236.x.x [U.S. Air Force Academy (NET-USAFA-NET] [University of Leeds (NET-LEEDS)] [University of Kent at Canterbury (NET-UKC)] [University of Karlsruhe] - [Strategic Defense Initiative Organization] - [United States Military Academy] [Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] [NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (NET-PSCN)] [Patrick Air Force Base (NET-NS) PAFB)] [Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] - [66SPTG-SCB] - [Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA] [University of Stuttgart (NET-NI-STG-NET)] [University of Bielefeld]
129.73.x.x [Siemens] - [Air Force Institute of Technology] - [NASA Ames Research Center] - [Naval Weapons Center] - [Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center] - [85 MISSION SUPPORT SQUADRON/SCSN] [NASA/Johnson Space Center (NET-NASA-JSCSSE)] [NASA IVV (NET-E) NASA-IVV)] [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (NET-NASA-GSFCSSE)] [NASA - John F. Kennedy Space Center (NET-NASA-JFKSSE)] [NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (NET-NASA-MSFCSSE)] [NASA Lewis Research Center (NET-NASA-LRCSSE)] [Leibniz-Rechenzentrum der Bayerischen Akademie] - [Naval Underwater Systems Center] - [Air Force Flight Test Center] - [Army Ballistics Research Laboratory] [University of Dortmund] - [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers] [Fraunhofer Institut f?r Produktionstechnik u. Automatisierung] - [United States Air Force Academy] - [NASA Johnson Space Center] [University of Hannover] - [Mather Air Force Base] - [Naval Coastal Systems Center] [Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN] [Army Aberdeen Proving Ground Installation Support Activity (NET-APGNET)] [Erasmus University Rotterdam] [Massey University] - [Honeywell Defense Systems Group] [Freie Universitaet Berlin] - [U.S.Army Corps of Engineers] - [NASA Headquarters] [Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik]
130.211.x.x [UUNet] [Gothenburg University (NET-GU-NET)] [Boeing Military Aircraft] - [Mather Air Force Base] - [Langley Air Force Base] - [Barksdale Air Force Base] - [Sheppard Air Force Base] - [Hahn Air Base (NET-HAHNNET)] - [Keesler Air Force Base] - [6 Communications Squadron] - [Patrick Air Force Base] - [75 ABW] - [62 CS/SCSNT] - [37 Communications Squadron] - [Fairchild Air Force Base] - [Yokota Air Base] - [Elmendorf Air Force Base] - [Hickam Air Force Base] - [354CS/SCSN] - [Bergstrom Air Force Base] - [Randolph Air Force Base] - [20 Communications Squadron] - [Andersen Air Force Base] - [Davis-Monthan Air Force Base] - [56 Communications Squadron /SCBB] - [Air Force Concentrator Network] - [Upper Heyford Air Force Base] - [Alconbury Royal Air Force Base] - [7 Communications Squadron] - [McConnell Air Force Base] - [Norton Air Force Base] - [NAVAL AVIATION DEPOT CHERRY PO] - [Defense MegaCenter Columbus] - [Defense Technical Information Center] - [Army Information Systems Command - Aberdeen (EA)] - [McClellan Air Force Base] - [NASA/Michoud Assembly Facility] - [Naval Postgraduate School] - [United States Naval Academy] [United States Naval Academy]
131.155.x.x [Eindhoven University, Netherlands] [Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron]
131.174.x.x [Nijmegen University, Netherlands] - [European Space Operations Center] - [NASA Headquarters] [University Erlangen Nuremberg]
131.211.x.x [UUNet] [University of Bonn] [University College, Australian Defense Force Academy] [University Kaiserslautern] - [Office of the Chief of Naval Research] - [Williams Air Force Base] - [49th Fighter Wing] - [Ankara Air Station] - [SSG/SINO] - [28th Bomb Wing] - [319 Comm Sq] - [Hellenikon Air Base] - [Myrtle Beach Air Force Base] - [Ben*****ers Royal Air Force Base] - [Air Force Concentrator Network] - [Kadena Air Base] - [Kunsan Air Base] - [Lindsey Air Station] - [McGuire Air Force Base] - [100CS (NET-MILDENHALL)] - [35th Communications Squadron] - [Plattsburgh Air Force Base] - [23Communications Sq] - [Dover Air Force Base] - [786 CS/SCBM] - [39CS/SCBBN] - [14TH COMMUNICATION SQUADRON] - [Lajes Air Force Base] - [Loring Air Force Base] - [60CS/SCSNM] - [Cannon Air Force Base] - [Altus Air Force Base] - [75 ABW] - [Goodfellow AFB] - [K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base] - [347 COMMUNICATION SQUADRON] - [Spangdahlem Air Force Base] - [Zweibruchen Air Force Base] - [Chanute Air Force Base] - [Columbus Air Force Base] - [Laughlin Air Force Base] - [366CS/SCSN] - [Reese Air Force Base] - [Vance Air Force Base] - [Langley AFB] - [Torrejon Air Force Base] - [9 CS/SC] - [Castle Air Force Base] - [Nellis Air Force Base] - [24Comm SquadronSCSNA] - [42ND COMMUNICATION SQUADRON] - [SSG/SIN] - [377 COMMUNICATION SQUADRON]
132.68.x.x [Technological Institute, Israel] - [Army National Guard Bureau] - [NGB-AIS-OS] - [National Guard Bureau] - [Army National Guard Bureau] - [National Guard Bureau] - [Army National Guard Bureau] - [National Guard Bureau] - [DOD Network Information Center] - [Army National Guard Bureau] - [National Guard Bureau] - [Army National Guard Bureau] - [Army National Guard] - [Army National Guard Bureau] - [South Carolina Army National Guard, USPFO] - [National Guard Bureau] - [National Guard Bureau] - [Army Information Systems Command] - [Army Research Office] - [Naval Research Laboratory] [Universitaet Tuebingen] - [Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company] - [The Pentagon (NET-PENTNET)] - [NASA Ames Research Center] [University of Fribourg] - [Boeing Military Aircraft Facility] - [Boeing Corporation] - [Army Information Systems Command-ATCOM] - [Army Information Systems Command]
134.91.x.x [Uni Duisburg]
134.95.x.x [Uni Kln] - [NASA/Johnson Space Center] - [Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] - [Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] [Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum] [University of Mannheim] - [Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station] - [Headquarters Air Force Space Command] [Universitaet Giessen] - [U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center] - [7th Communications Group] - [Naval Research Laboratory] - [Navy Regional Data Automation Center] - [U.S. Army, Europe] - [HQ 5th Signal Command] - [Southern European Task Force] - [HQ 5th Signal Command] - [U.S. Military Academy] : [Universitaet Kiel] - [Air Force Military Personnel Center] [European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts] [Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum] - [NASA Research Network] - [Defense Intelligence Agency] [Universitaet Trier] - [69th Signal Battalion] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] - [Whiteman Air Force Base] - [George Air Force Base] - [Little Rock Air Force Base] - [437 CS/SC] - [Air Force Concentrator Network] [Air Force Concentrator Network] - [HQ AFSPC/SCNNC] - [Air Force Concentrator Network] - [National Aerospace Laboratory] - [Naval Surface Warfare Center] - [First Special Operations Command] - [Naval Warfare Assessment Center] - [Royal Military College] - [Headquarters, U.S. European Command] - [USAF MARS] - [Army Concepts Analysis Agency] - [U.S. ARMY Tank-Automotive Command] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] [Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems] [Aachen University of Technology] - [HQ 5th Signal Command] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [Air Force Materiel Command] - [75 ABW] - [Air Force Logistics Command] - [77 CS/SCCN] - [78 CS/SCSC] - [Wright Patterson Air Force Base] - [United States Atlantic Command Joint Training] [University of Augsburg (NET-AUX)] [Fraunhofer-Institut f?r Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation] - [Air Force Systems Command] - [Army Information Systems Command] [National Space Development Agency of Japan] - [HQ 5th Signal Command] [Mainz] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] - [NASA Headquarters] - [Naval Surface Warfare Center] - [NASA Information and Electronic Systems Laboratory] - [DEFENSE PROCESSING CENTERPERAL HARBOR] - [Navy Computers and Telecommunications Station] - [Navy Regional Data Automation Center (NARDAC)] - [Marine Corps Air Station] - [Navy Regional Data Automation Center] [Navy Regional Data Automation Center] [Navy Regional Data Automation Center] [Navy Regional Data Automation Center] - [NAVCOMTELCOM] - [NCTS WASHINGTON] - [NCTC] - [Yokosuka Naval Base] - [NCTC] - [Marine Corps Central Design & Prog. Activity] [Marine Corps Central Design & Prog. Activity] - [NCTC] - [Naval Air Station] - [NCTC] - [NOC, MCTSSA, East] - [Marine Corps Central Design & Prog. Activity] - [NAVAL COMPUTER AND TELECOMM] - [NCTC] - [NCTS Pensacola] - [NCTC] - [CNO N60] - [NCTS] - [NASA/Yellow Creek] [University of Dortmund] [EUnet Deutschland GmbH] [University of Dortmund] [Fachhochschule K?ln] [Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH] [S & P Media GmbH] - [University of Dortmund (NETBLK-UNIDO11)] - [University of Dortmund (NETBLK-UNIDO11)] - [University of Dortmund (NETBLK-UNIDO11)] - [University of Dortmund (NETBLK-UNIDO11)] - [University of Dortmund (NETBLK-UNIDO11)] - [University of Dortmund (NETBLK-UNIDO11)] - [University of Dortmund (NETBLK-UNIDO11)] [Universit?t der Bundeswehr Hamburg] [Fachhochschule Wilhelmshaven] [Universit?t Koblenz-Landau] - [Robert Bosch GmbH] [Geo-Forschungs-Zentrum Potsdam] [Universit?t Leipzig (NET-UNILE-LAN)] [Max-Planck-Institut f?r Informatik] - [European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC] - [European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC] [Siemens Business Services] [Siemens Business Services] [Siemens Business Services] [Siemens Business Services] - [Thyssen Stahl AG] [Bremer Vulkan AG] [University of Rostock] - [20th Tactical Fighter Wing] - [48th Tactical Fighter Wing] - [36th Tactical Fighter Wing] - [52nd Tactical Fighter Wing] - [50th Tactical Fighter Wing] - [66th Electronic Combat Wing] - [26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing] - [32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron] - [st Tactical Fighter Wing] - [10th Tactical Fighter Wing] - [39th Tactical Air Control Group] - [40th Tactical Air Control Group] - [401st Tactical Fighter Wing] [Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research] [NASA Lewis Research Center] - [Reseau Infomratique]
139.142.x.x [Front end portal of a security network filtering hundreds of client subscription IPs. If you find a vulnerable pub, IIS, SQL, or *nix -- They are simple HONEYPOTS] [Army Information Systems Command] [NASA/Johnson Space Center] [NASA Ames Research Center]  - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [DISA Columbus Level II NOC] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [ASIC ALLIANCE-MARLBORO] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [DOD Network Information Center] - [Defense Information Systems Agency] - [Naval Sea Systems Command] - [HQ US Army Medical Research and Development Command] - [HQ 5th Signal Command] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] - [Scott Air Force Base] - [Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Keyport] - [Fort Bragg] - [US Army Corps of Engineers] - [Naval Sea Systems Command] - [Naval Ocean Systems Center] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] - [106TH SIGNAL BRIGADE] - [Marine Biological Laboratory] - [Fast nur Deutsche Firmen] - [58th Signal Battalion] - [U.S. Army, 1141st Signal Battalion] - [Headquarters, USAAISC] - [NASA Ames Research Center] [United States Army Information Systems Command (NET-CRLSLBKS-NET)] [Army Information Systems Command (NET-NCMBRLNDNET)] [Headquarters, Third United States Army (NET-AC2IS)] [Headquarters, Third United States Army (NET-AC2IS1)] [Commander, Army Information Systems Center (NET-FTIRWIN1 )] [Commander, Army Information Systems Center (NET-FTIRWIN2 )] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] [United States Army Information Services Command-Campbell (NET-CAMPBELL-GW1)]
144.232.x.x [Sprintlink, USA] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS1)] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS2)] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS3)] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS4)] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS5)] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS6)] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS7)] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS9)] [Defense Intelligence Agency (NET-DODIIS10)] [SUPSHIP, Groton, U.S.N. (NET-SOSGNET)] [Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated (NET-APCI-NET)] [U.S. Army LABCOM (NET-LABCOM-ETDL)] - [Niederlande, Frankreich und Deutschland] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] - [Defence Research Agency] - [HQ United States European Command] - [NASA/Johnson Space Center] - [NASA Langley Research Center] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] - [Army CALS Project] - [Army Information Systems Software Center] [Army Information Systems Software Center] - [Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division] [Army Information Systems Command] [Army Information Systems Command] - [Naval Surface Warfare Center] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command] - [Army Information Systems Command] [Army Information Systems Command] [Army Information Systems Command] - [1112th Signal Battalion] - [US Army Tank-Automotive Command] - [19th Support Command] - [Fort Monroe DOIM]
147.251.x.x [ContacTel, Czech Republic] - [7th Communications Group] - [NASA, Stennis Space Center] [Fachhochschule Aachen (NET-HAC-LAN)] - [Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG] - [European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC] - [Medizinische Akademie Magdeburg] - [Alcanet International Deutschland GmbH] [FH Merseburg] - [Thyssen Stahl AG] - [European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC] [Telefunken Systemtechnik Ulm] - [Thyssen Stahl AG] [Siemens-Nixdorf Informationssystemer A/S] - [Degussa AG] [Max-Planck-Institut f?r Kernphysik] [Hirschmann GmbH & Co] [Westdeutscher Rundfunk Koeln] [Forschungszentrum Rossendorf] [Rheinisch Bergische Presse-Data GmbH] - [Fachhochschule Kiel] - [Quantum Software GmbH] [Lahmeyer International GmbH] - [Schering AG Berlin] [iXOS Software GmbH] [Bruker Analytische Messtechnik GmbH] - [Wiechers & Partner Datentechnik GmbH] - [ZF Friedrichshafen AG] - [European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC] - [Carl Schenk AG] - [Koerber AG] [ERNO Raumfahrttechnik] [Knorr-Bremse AG, M?nchen] [Siemens AG, OeN NKE A2] [TA Triumph-Adler AG] [Hoechst AG, Frankfurt] [Electricite de France [Direction Etudes Recherche] [USDOE, NV Operations Office] [DIRM/ITD] - [Mercury Personal Communications, Ltd.]
149.99.130.x - 149.99.150.x [Kanadischer Provider]
145.253.x.x [Arcor]
149.225.x.x [MSN] - [1114th Signal Battalion] - [Space and Naval Warfare Command] - [10th Area Support Group] - [NASA Goodard Space Flight Center] - [Army Information Systems Command] - [USAISC-Fort Lee] - [Fort Monroe DOIM] - [USAISC-Letterkenny] - [USAISC-LABCOM] [Korea Aerospace Research Institute] [ IUnet (NET-IUNET-BNET3)] - [7th Communications Group of the Air Force] - [U.S. Naval Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command] - [NATO Headquarters] - [Defense Information Systems Agency]
152.166.x.x [AOL]
152.170.x.x [AOL]
152.172.x.x [AOL]
152.203.x.x [Compuserv]
152.205.x.x [AOL]
152.207.x.x [AOL] - [Defense MegaCenter (DMC) Denver] - [USCENTAF/SCM] - [Federal Bureau of Investigation] [Deutsches Forschungsnetz] [Bundesanstalt f?r Wasserbau] [Transtec AG] [Fraunhofer Institut f?r Informations[und Datenverarbeitung IITB] [Fraunhofer Institut f?r Informations[und Datenverarbeitung IITB] [Eurocontrol Karlsruhe] [ [European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC] [RWE Energie AG] [ [European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC] - [1141st Signal Bn] - [1141st Signal Bn]
155.7.x.x [American Forces Information (NET-AFISHQ-NET1)]
155.8.x.x [U.S. ArmyFort Gordon (NET-GORDON-NET5)]
155.9.x.x [United States Army Information Systems Command (NET-LWOOD-NET2)]
155.74.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP2)]
155.75.x.x [US Army Corps of Engineers (NET-CEAP3)]
155.76.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP4)]
155.77.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP5)]
155.78.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP6)]
155.79.x.x [US Army Corps of Engineers (NET-CEAP7)]
155.80.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP]
155.81.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP9)]
155.82.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP10)]
155.83.x.x [US Army Corps of Enginers (NET-CEAP11)]
155.84.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP12)]
155.85.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP13)]
155.86.x.x [US Army Corps of Engineers (NET-CEAP14)]
155.87.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP15)]
155.88.x.x [PEO STAMIS (NET-CEAP16)] - [Drug Enforcement Administration] - [1112th Signal Battalion] - [HQ, 5th Signal Command]
155.178.x.x [Federal Aviation Administration (NET-FAA) - (USAISC Fort Benning)]
155.213.x.x [USAISC Fort Benning (NET-FTBENNNET3]
155.214.x.x [Director of Information Management (NET-CARSON-TCACC )]
155.216.x.x [TCACCIS Project Management Office (NET-FTDIX-TCACCI)]
155.217.x.x [Directorate of Information Management (NET[EUSTIS-EMH1)]
155.218.x.x [USAISC (NET-WVA-EMH2)]
155.219.x.x [DOIM/USAISC Fort Sill (NET-SILL-TCACCIS)]
155.221.x.x [USAISC-Ft Ord (NET-FTORD-NET2)]
156.x.x.x [US Courts, Siemens, State of Minnesota] - [U. S. Marshals Service] - [United Nations] - [COMMANDER NAVAL SURFACE U.S. PACIFIC FLEET] - [US Special Operations Command] - [U. S. Strategic Command] - [Commander, Tooele Army Depot] - [USAMC Logistics Support Activity] - [U.S. Army TACOM] - [UASISC Ft. Carson] - [1112th Signal Battalion] - [USAISC-Ft. McCoy] - [USAISC-FLW] - [US Army Soldier Support Center] - [USAISC-CECOM] - [GOC] - [UASISC-Vint Hill] - [US Army Harry Diamond Laboratories] - [USAISC DOIM] - [1112th Signal Battalion] - [Defense Megacenter Huntsville] - [Rocky Mountain Arsenal (PMRMA)] - [Crane Army Ammunition Activity] - [Defense Finance & Accounting Service Center] - [DOIM] - [Marine Corps Central Design and Programming Activity] - [Marine Corps Central Design and Programming Activity] [Washington State Dept. of State and Ind.] - [Naval Air Systems Command (Air 4114)] [Air Canada] [BMW AG, Berlin production plant] [BMW AG, Dingolfingen production plant] [BMW AG, Landshut production plant] [BMW AG, Munich production plant] [BMW AG, Munich research and admin. sites] [BMW AG, Regensburg production plant] [BMW AG, Steyr production plant] - [US Army Recruiting Command] - [36th Signal BN] - [USAISC] - [HQ, United States Army] - [USAISC] - [1101st Signal Brigade] - [USAISC SATCOMSTA-CAMP ROBERTS] - [Commander, Moncrief Army Hospital] - [NAVAL WEAPONS STATION] - [Naval Aviation Depot Pensacola] - [Central Intelligence Agency] [Navy Aviation Supply Office] - [NASA Kennedy Space Center] - [Naval Ordnance Center, Pacific Division] - [United States Army Space and Strategic Defense] [ [Schering AG (NETBLK-TBLK-SCHERING)] [Schering AG (NET-SCHERING2)] [Kaufhof Holding AG, Koeln] - [Naval Surface Warfare Center] - [Institute for Defense Analyses] - [Bureau of Naval Personnel] - [HQ USAFE WARRIOR PREPARATION CENTER] - [NIMIP/TIP/NEWNET] - [Information Technology] - [Naval Undersea Warfare Center] [Secretary of the Navy (NET-SECNAV-LAN) [U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command] - [Naval Exchange Service Command] - [Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division] - [USCINCPAC J21T] - [NCTS-NOLA] - [Naval Aviation Depot] - [Military Sealift Command] - [United States Southern Command] - [Government Telecommunications Agency] - [USDA Office of Operations] - [Fort Sanders Alliance] - [Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne]
169.x.x.x windows default]
169.120.x.x [J. P. Morgan & Co (USA)] - [U.S. Department of State]
171.224.x.x [AOL Deutschland]
172.16.x.x [XS4ALL, Netherlands]
172.128.x.x - 172.180.x.x [America Online, Inc.]
192.114.63.x [Netvision]
193.x.x.x [lahm]
193.79.178.x [UUNet]
193.101.100.x [Siemens]
193.122.199.x [SONNET (Flatrate) (TOT)]
193.159.x.x [T-Online]
193.189.224.x [Siemens]
193.189.231.x [Siemens]
193.190.215.x [SONNET (Flatrate) (TOT)]
194.8.193.x [Net-Cologne]
194.8.197.x [Net-Cologne]
194.31.232.x [DE-CIX]
194.90.0.x [Netvision]
194.100.x.x [MBinternet, Finland]
194.121.59.x [Microsoft]
194.174.230.x [Siemens]
194.179.124.x [Microsoft]
194.203.122.x [UUNet]
194.230.x.x [PLUSNET AG (Schweitz)]
195.3.x.x [T-Online]
195.7.49.x [Siemens]
195.10.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
195.40.101.x [Siemens]
195.66.x.x [Sonera, Netherlands]
195.86.x.x [Chello/Capacity, Netherlands]
195.93.x.x [AOL Deutschland]
195.130.x.x [Pandora, Belgium]
195.186.x.x [Bluewin (Schweiz)]
195.238.160.x [SONNET (Flatrate) (TOT)]
195.238.164.x [SONNET (Flatrate) (TOT)]
195.238.163.x [SONNET (Flatrate) (TOT)]
195.238.174.x [SONNET (Flatrate) (TOT)] [ [US Army Information Systems Command] - [Naval Air Systems Command, VA]
199.203.4.x [Netvision]
199.203.230.x [Microsoft] - [Perth Australia iiNET] - [IPC JAPAN] - [DOD Network Information Center] - [Bureau of Medicine and Surgery] - [USACOM] - [DEFENSE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING SERVICE] - [DISA-Eucom / BBN-STD, Inc.] - [Defense Technical Information Center] - [GSI] - [NSA NAPLES ITALY] - [NAVSTA ROTA SPAIN] - [NAS SIGONELLA ITALY] - [Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division] - [GSI] - [Naval Undersea Warfare Center USRD - Orlando] - [Joint Spectrum Center] [GSI (NET-GSI-13] [HQ, JFMO Korea, Headquarters (NET-JFMO-KOREA)] [DISA D75 (NET-TPOCNET)] [U. S. Naval Air Facility, Atsugi Japan (NET-NAFATSUGI01)] [Naval Enlisted Personnel Management Center (NET-DMCCNHUB)] [Afloat Training Group Pacific (NET-ATGPAC)] [HQ Special Operations Command [Europe (HQ SOCEUR) (NET-SCCIS)] [Commander Naval Base Pearl Harbor (NET-CNBGW)] [NAVSEA Information Management Improvement Program (NET-TII-NET)] [Q112 (NET-Q112)] [Ctr. for Info. Sys.Security,CounterMeasures (NET-ASSIST-149)] [Resource Consultants, Inc. (NET-RCIADP)] [Personnel Support Activity, San Diego (NET-PSASD)] [NAVAL AIR FACILITY, ADAK (NET-LEVEL2ADAK)] [NAVSEA Logistics Command Detachment (NET-NSLC)] [PEARL HARBOR NAVAL SHIPYARD (NET-PHNSY-NET1)] [PEARL HARBOR NAVAL SHIPYARD (NET-PHNSY-NET2)] [Defense Photography School (NET-DPHSCH)] [[ Defense Information School (NETBLK-DINFOSNET1)] [Naval Air Systems Command (NET-PMA-222)] [Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (NET-PSNS-RMC)] [Joint Precision Strike Demonstration (NET-JPSD-EH)] [Naval Pacific Meteorology and Ocean (NET-NPMOCW-cool.gif] [Joint Precision Strike Demonstration (NET-JPSD-ES)] [USAF (NET-DMSHELPDESK)] [Commander (NET-THIRDNCB-LAN)] [Naval Air Warfare Center (NET-MSAICN)] [Naval Air Systems Command (NET-NADEP)] [NAVSTA SUPPLY DEPARTMENT (NET-GTMOSUPPLY)] [SUBMEPP Activity (NET-SUBMEPP-NET5)] [COMMANDER TASK FORCE 74 YOKOSUKA JAPAN (NET-SEVENFLEET)] [DISA-PAC,IPC-GUAM (NET-DIPCGU)] [Satellite Production Test Center (NET-SPTC-CS)] [940 Air Refueling Wing (ARW) (NET-ARW940-NET)] [Defense Megacenter Warner Robins (NET-WR)] [GCCS Support Facility (NET-GCCS-SUPPFAC)] [Nav Air Tech Serv Facility-Detachment (NET-NATSFDET-WNY)] [NAVAL SUPPORT FACILITY, DIEGO GARCIA (NET-NSFDG)] [Defense Logistics Agency [Europe (NET-EURNET2)] [NAVMASSO (NET-SNAP1-MATSGMERIDIAN)] [Commander-In-Chief, US Pacific Fleet (NET-CPF-LAN1)] [Defense MegaCenter [St Louis (NET-DMC-S-DFAS)] [NAVMASSO (NET-HMX1MCAFQUANVA-SNAP)] [HQ SOCEUR (NET-U-SIN)] [Second Marine Expeditionary Force (NET-U22-NIP)] [Second Marine Expeditionary Force (NET-U24-NIP)] [Second Marine Expeditionary Force (NET-U26-NIP)] [NAVCOMTELSTAWASHDC (NET-MISSI)] [INFORMATION SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY CENTER (ISTC) (NET-ISTC)] [Naval Observatory Detachment, Colorado (NET-FALCON1)] [NAVILCODETMECH (NET-NAVILCOMECH1)] [Navy Environmental Preventive Medicine (NET-NEHC-BURNED)] [Port Hueneme Division, Naval Surf (NET-PHDNSWC)] [Naval Facilities Engineering Housing (NET-NAVFAC)] [NAVSEA Logistics Command Detachment (NET-NSLC2)] [Naval Air Warfare Center (NET-OTT-NET)] [Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (NET-PORTSNET)] [INFORMATION SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY CENTER (ISTC) (NET-ISTCTC)] [ Military Sealift Command Pacific (NETBLK-NETBLK-USNSMERCY204)] [USAF Academy (NET-USAFA-GW-NET)] [3rd Combat Service Support (NET-CSSG3-NIP)] [1st Radio Battalion (NET-RDBN1-NIP)] [OASD (Health Affairs) (NET-TRICARE)] [Second Marine Expeditionary Force (NET-MEU26-SIP)] [1st Marine Air Wing (NET-ASE1-NIP)] [SA-ALC/LTE (NET-ITACNET)] [3rd Marine (NET-MAR3-NIP)] [Communications and Electronics (NET-MCBH-NIP)] [G-6 Operations, III MEF (NET-DFW5BR-NIP)] [G-6 Operations, III MEF (NET-DFW1-NIP)] [G-6 Operations, III MEF (NET-DFW2-NIP)] [G-6 Operations, III MEF (NET-DFW3-NIP)] [G-6 Operations, III MEF (NET-DFW4-NIP)] [Joint Interoperability Test Command (NET-JITC-RTD216.25.x <- data-blogger-escaped-dangerous="" data-blogger-escaped-nbsp="" data-blogger-escaped-p=""> - [NAVMASSO] - [Field Command Defense Nuclear Agency] - [Naval Space Command] - [Naval Pacific Meteorology and Oceanography] - [Military Family Housing] - [Navy Material Transportation Office] - [NAVMASSO] - [Defense Finance and Accounting Service] - [European Stars and Stripes] - [Pacific Stars and Stripes] - [PUGET SOUND NAVAL SHIPYARD] - [Nval Station, Guantanamo Bay] - [COMNAVSURFPAC] - [NAVMASSO] - [Amphibious Force, Seventh Fleet, U. S. Navy] - [USAF SpaceCommand] - [USAF] - [U.S. Army Special Operations Command] - [FLEET COMBAT TRAINING CENTER ATLA] - [Naval Aviation Depot North Island] - [NAVMASSO] - [NAVSEA Log Command Detachment Pacific] - [Command Special Boat Squadron One] - [AFPCA/GNNN] - [Navy Environmental Preventive Medicine] - [Department of the Navy, Space and Naval Warfare System Command, Washington DC - SPAWAR] - [Honeypot]
205.97.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
205.98.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
205.99.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
205.100.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
205.101.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
205.102.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
205.103.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
206.167.x.x [Sherbrooke University, Canada] - [Sprint/United Telephone of Florida]
207.31.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.32.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.33.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.34.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.35.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.36.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.37.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.38.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.39.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.40.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.41.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.42.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.43.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.44.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.45.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.46.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.47.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.48.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.49.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.50.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.51.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.52.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.53.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.54.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.55.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.56.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.57.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.58.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.59.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.60.x.x [FBI's honeypot]The Internet Access Company (NETBLK-TIAC-BLK)]
207.61.x.x [FBI Linux servers used to trap scanners]
207.62.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.63.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.64.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.65.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.66.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.67.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.68.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.69.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.70.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.71.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.72.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.73.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.74.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.75.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.76.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.77.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.78.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.79.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.80.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.81.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.82.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.83.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.84.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.85.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.86.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.87.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.88.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.89.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.90.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.91.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.92.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.93.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.94.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.95.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.96.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.97.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.98.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.99.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.100.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.101.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.102.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.103.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.104.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.105.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.106.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.107.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.108.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.109.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.110.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.111.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.112.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.113.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.114.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.115.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.116.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.117.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.118.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.119.x.x [FBI's honeypot]
207.120.x.x [FBI's honeypot] - [The Internet Access Company (NETBLK-TIAC-BLK)] - [Abacus Technology (NETBLK-TIAC-ABACUSTC)] - [Mass Electric Construction Co. (NETBLK-TIAC-MECC56-2)] - [Peabody Proberties Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-PEABISDN1)] - [Northern Electronics (NETBLK-TIAC-NORTHERELEC)] - [Posternak, Blankstein & Lund (NETBLK-TIAC-PBL56)] - [Woodard & Curran (NETBLK-TIAC-WCPORT)] - [On Line Services (NETBLK-TIAC-ONLINES-1)] - [The 400 Group (NETBLK-TIAC-400T1)] - [RD Hunter and Company (NETBLK-TIAC-RDHUNTER2)] - [Louis Berger and Associates (NETBLK-TIAC-BERISDN)] - [Ross-Simons (NETBLK-TIAC-ROSIMONS)] - [Eastern Cambridge Savings Bank (NETBLK-TIAC-ECSB)] - [Greater Lawrence Community Action Committee (NETBLK-TIAC-GLCAC12] - [Data Electronic Devices, Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-DEDI)] - [Sippican (NETBLK-TIAC-SIPPICAN)] - [Alps Sportswear Mfg Co (NETBLK-TIAC-ALPISDN)] - [Escher Group Ltd (NETBLK-TIAC-ESCHERT1-2)] - [West Suburban Elder (NETBLK-TIAC-WESTISDN)] - [Central Bank (NETBLK-TIAC-CENTRALT)] - [Danick Systems (NETBLK-TIAC-DCS12] - [Alps Sportswear Mfg CO (NETBLK-TIAC-ALPSISDN)] - [BSCC (NETBLK-TIAC-BSCC)] - [Patrons Insurance Group (NETBLK-TIAC-PATRON99)] - [Athera Technologies (NETBLK-TIAC-ATHERA1)] - [Service Edge Partners Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-SERVISDN-2)] - [Massachusetts Credit Union League (NETBLK-TIAC-MCUL384)] - [SierraCom (NETBLK-TIAC-SIER384K)] - [AI/ FOCS (NETBLK-TIAC-AIFOC384)] - [Extreme soft (NETBLK-TIAC-DOWNIE)] - [Eaton Seo Corp (NETBLK-TIAC-EATON)] - [C. White (NETBLK-TIAC-PETROL)] - [Athera (NETBLK-TIAC-ATHERA-2)] - [Entropic Systems, INC (NETBLK-TIAC-ENTRO12] - [Wood Product Manufactureds Associates (NETBLK-TIAC-WOOD56)] - [Jamestown Distribution (NETBLK-TIAC-JAMES56)] - [C&M Computers (NETBLK-TIAC-CRAMB-2 )] - [ABC Used Auto Parts (NETBLK-TIAC-ABC56K)] - [Tomas Weldon (NETBLK-TIAC-TWELDON)] - [Tage Inns (NETBLK-TIAC-TAGE)] - [Control Module Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-CMOD56K)] - [Hyper Crawler Information Systems (NETBLK-TIAC-HCRAWLER)] - [Eastern Bearings (NETBLK-TIAC-EB56K)] - [North Shore Data Services (NETBLK-TIAC-NSDS)] - [Mas New Hampshire (NETBLK-TIAC-MASISDN)] - [J. A. Webster (NETBLK-TIAC-JAWFRT1-2)] - [Trilogic (NETBLK-TIAC-LOGIC384)] - [Area 54 (NETBLK-TIAC-AREA54)] - [Vested Development Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-VESTEDT-2)] - [Conventures (NETBLK-TIAC-CON56-2)] - [Don Law Company (NETBLK-TIAC-DONLAWT1-2)] - [Advanced Microsensors (NETBLK-TIAC-AMS384)] - [Applied Business Center (NETBLK-TIAC-APP56K-2)] - [Color and Design Exchange (NETBLK-TIAC-COLOR-2)] - [Shaun McCusker (NETBLK-TIAC-FINLAY)] - [Town of Framingham (NETBLK-TIAC-INFOSERV)] - [AB Software (NETBLK-TIAC-ABSADSL)] - [Seabass Dreams Too Much, Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-SEABASS)] - [Next Ticketing (NETBLK-TIAC-NT256T1-2)] - [Dulsi (NETBLK-TIAC-DULSI)] - [The Internet Access Company (NETBLK-TIAC-PTIMJ)] - [Maguire Group (NETBLK-TIAC-MAGISDN)] - [Cogenex (NETBLK-TIAC-COGENEX-2)] - [AKNDC (NETBLK-TIAC-AKNDC)] - [McGovern election commitee (NETBLK-TIAC-MCGOVDED)] - [Digital Equipment Corp (NETBLK-TIAC-DECISDN)] - [PTR [Precision Technologies (NETBLK-TIAC-PTREB)] - [Extech (NETBLK-TIAC-EXTECH-2)] - [Manfreddi Architects (NETBLK-TIAC-MANELKUS-2)] - [Parent Naffah (NETBLK-TIAC-PARENT)] - [Darling Dolls Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-EMARTEL)] - [Wright Communications (NETBLK-TIAC-WRIGHT56)] - [Principle Software (NETBLK-TIAC-PRINCIPL)] - [Chris Pet Store (NETBLK-TIAC-CPETDIAL)] - [Fifteen Lilies (NETBLK-TIAC-GREYROSE)] - [All-Com Technologies (NETBLK-TIAC-ALLCOM1-2)] - [Cardio Thoracic Surgical Associates, P. A. (NETBLK-TIAC-HEARTDOC)] - [Preferred Fixtures Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-PREFMFG-2)] - [Apple and Eve Distributors (NETBLK-TIAC-AEDED99)] - [Nelson Copy Supply (NETBLK-TIAC-NCOP56K)] - [Boston Optical Fiber (NETBLK-TIAC-BOSISDN)] - [Fantasia&Company (NETBLK-TIAC-FANTCOMP)] - [Infoactive (NETBLK-TIAC-INFOACT-2)] - [Curry College (NETBLK-TIAC-CURRY)] - [Alternate Power Source (NETBLK-TIAC-APSIS)] - [Keystone Howley-White (NETBLK-TIAC-KEYSTONE-2)] - [Bridgehead Associates LTD (NETBLK-TIAC-BRIDG384)] - [County Supply (NETBLK-TIAC-CS384)] - [NH Board of Nursing (NETBLK-TIAC-NHBNDED99)] - [Diversified Wireless Technologies (NETBLK-TIAC-LAUCHAM)] - [Phytera (NETBLK-TIAC-PHYTERA1)] - [The Network Connection (NETBLK-TIAC-TNC56)] - [Young Refrigeration (NETBLK-TIAC-YRDED135)] - [Vision Appraisal Technology (NETBLK-TIAC-VISIONT1)] - [EffNet Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-EFFNETT1)] - [Entropic Systems Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-ENTRO128-3)] - [Finley Properties (NETBLK-TIAC-FPDED135)] - [Nancy Plowman Associates (NETBLK-TIAC-NPAISDN)] - [Northeast Financial Strategies (NETBLK-TIAC-NFSISDN)] - [Textnology Corp (NETBLK-TIAC-TEXTC0RP)] - [Groton Neochem LLC (NETBLK-TIAC-NEOCHEM)] - [Tab Computers (NETBLK-TIAC-TCSI3)] - [Patrons Insurance (NETBLK-TIAC-PATRON99-2)] - [Chair City Web (NETBLK-TIAC-CHAIR56K)] - [Radex, Inc. (NETBLK-TIAC-RADEXINC )] - [Robert Austein (NETBLK-TIAC-HACTRN)] - [Hologic Inc. (NETBLK-TIAC-HOLOGIC3)] - [K-Tech International Inc. (NETBLK-TIAC-KTECH)] - [Pan Communications (NETBLK-TIAC-PANCOM-2)] - [New England College of Finance (NETBLK-TIAC-NECF56K)] - [Absolve Technology (NETBLK-TIAC-ABSOLVE-2)] - [Extech (NETBLK-TIAC-EXTECH)] - [The Insight Group (NETBLK-TIAC-MFIA)] - [JLM Technologies (NETBLK-TIAC-JLMISDN)] - [Strategic Solutions (NETBLK-TIAC-STRATSOL-2)] - [McWorks (NETBLK-TIAC-MCWORKSS)] - [Rooney RealEstate (NETBLK-TIAC-ROONEY56)] - [Joseph Limo Service (NETBLK-TIAC-JOLIMO56)] - [The Portico Group (NETBLK-TIAC-PORT56K)] - [Event Travel Management Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-EVENT384)] - [Intellitech International (NETBLK-TIAC-IIDED99)] - [Orion Partners (NETBLK-TIAC-ORION56)] - [Rainbow Software Solution (NETBLK-TIAC-RAIN99)] - [Grason Stadler Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-GRASON56)] - [Donnegan System (NETBLK-TIAC-DYST384-2)] - [The Iprax Corp. (NETBLK-TIAC-IPRAX56K)] - [Coporate IT (NETBLK-TIAC-CIT)] - [Putnam Technologies (NETBLK-TIAC-PUTTECH)] - [Sycamore Networks, Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-SYCAISDN)] - [Bostek (NETBLK-TIAC-BOSTEK)] - [Louis Berger and Associates (NETBLK-TIAC-BERGISDN)] - [Hanson Data Systems (NETBLK-TIAC-HHANSON)] - [Giganet Inc. (NETBLK-TIAC-GIGANET-3)] - [Roll Systems (NETBLK-TIAC-ROLLISDN)] - [InternetQA (NETBLK-TIAC-EBENNETT)] - [Reading Cooperative Bank (NETBLK-TIAC-READ56K)] - [Edco collaborative (NETBLK-TIAC-EDCOT1)] - [DTC Communications Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-DTCCOM2)] - [Mike Line (NETBLK-TIAC-MLINE )] - [The Steppingstone Foundation (NETBLK-TIAC-STEP56)] - [Caton Connector (NETBLK-TIAC-CATON118K)] - [Refron, Inc (NETBLK-TIAC-REFRON1)] - [Dolabany Comm Group (NETBLK-TIAC-DCGDED99)]
207.205.x.x [Earthlink, USA]
207.226.x.x [Mobilcom]
208.171.x.x [Computer Lynx, USA] - [Unknown] - [Interland, Inc., GA]
212.28.x.x [Agri (Schweiz)]
212.35.x.x [DiaX (Schweiz)]
212.46.x.x [Chello, Netherlands] [FBI's honeypot]
212.61.x.x [IAEhv, Netherlands]
212.64 [Casema, Netherlands]
212.81.x.x [Mobilcom]
212.83.x.x [Chello, Netherlands]
212.92.x.x [Chello, Netherlands]
212.120.x.x [@Home, Netherlands]
212.123.x.x [Pandora, Belgium]
212.127.x.x [Sonera, Netherlands]
212.136.74.x [UUNet]
212.136.77.x [UUNet]
212.136.128.x [UUNet]
212.136.129.x [UUNet]
212.142.x.x [Chello, Netherlands] - [israelis isp's!! dont try those ranges!!] - [israelis isp's!! dont try those ranges!!]
212.153.255.x [UUNet] - [israelis isp's!! dont try those ranges!!]
212.172.x.x [Nacamar]
212.177.114.x [UUNet] - [israelis isp's!! dont try those ranges!!]
212.186.x.x [Chello, Austria]
212.187.x.x [Chello, Netherlands]
212.202.x.x [Germany Net]
212.204.x.x [@Home, Netherlands]
212.254.x.x [Sunrise (Schweiz)]
213.3.x.x [Bluewin, Germany]
213.4.x.x [Telefonica, Spain]
213.5.x.x [Altec, Greece]
213.6.x.x [PPPool, Germany] - [israelis isp's!! dont try those ranges!!]
213.9.x.x [Webtris Online Games, Germany]
213.10.x.x [Planet Internet, Netherlands]
213.16.x.x [L'Outremere, France]
213.17.x.x [Casema, Netherlands]
213.19.x.x [World Online, France]
213.23.x.x [Mannesman Arcor, Germany]
213.24.x.x [IZHCom, Russia]
213.30.x.x [Netc, Spain]
213.33.x.x [Enter Telekom, Austria]
213.34.x.x [Kennisnet, Netherlands]
213.35.x.x [24Hours, Netherlands]
213.36.x.x [LibertySurf, France]
213.38.x.x [Internet Network Services, UK]
213.41.x.x [Colt, France]
213.42.x.x [Emirates Telecom Corporation]
213.44.x.x [Club Internet, France]
213.46.x.x [Chello, Netherlands]
213.50.x.x [Sonera, Finland]
213.51.x.x [@Home, Netherlands]
213.52.x.x [OneNet S.L., Spain]
213.53.x.x [UUNET, Netherlands]
213.54.x.x [TiscaliNet, Germany]
213.56.x.x [D'Ol?ane, France]
213.59.x.x [RTComm.ru]
213.61.x.x [Colt, Germany]
213.63.x.x [JazzNet, Protugal]
213.64.x.x [Telia, Sweden]
213.75.x.x [Planet Internet, Netherlands]
213.84.x.x [XS4ALL, Netherlands]
213.90.x.x [Netway Communications, Austria]
213.91.x.x [France Teaser]
213.93.x.x [Chello, Netherlands]
213.100.x.x [The Swedish IP Network]
213.105.x.x [NTL, UK]
213.108.x.x [Business Online, UK]
213.116.x.x [UUNET, Denmark]
213.120.x.x [BTClick, UK]
213.123.x.x [OnMail, UK]
213.129.x.x [UUNET, Denmark]
213.130.x.x [Farlep Internet, Ukraine]
213.131.x.x [Moscow State University, Russia]
213.133.x.x [Spinn, Denmark]
213.134.x.x [Nextra, Hungary]
213.135.x.x [Intersaar, Germany]
213.139.x.x [Easynet, Spain]
213.141.x.x [JazzNet, Portugal]
213.142.x.x [RSL COM, Spain]
213.144.x.x [TelemaX, Germany]
213.146.x.x [Werft 22, Germany]
213.147.x.x [Sybcom, Germany]
213.148.x.x [NOC Communication InterNet, Russia]
213.149.x.x [Strona Gl?wna, Poland]
213.150.x.x [IT Austria]
213.152.x.x [INTERSAT S.A., Greece]
213.154.x.x [On:Line Finance, UK]
213.156.x.x [Pine Internet, Netherlands]
213.157.x.x [HEAG MediaNet, Germany]
213.158.x.x [St. Petersburg Web, Russia]
213.160.x.x [Compoint, Germany]
213.161.x.x [KKS Online, Slovenia]
213.163.x.x [VIVENDI Telecom, Hungary]
213.164.x.x [Colt, Austria]
213.166.x.x [Band-X-Routed, UK]
213.168.x.x [EESTI Telefon, Estonia]
213.169.x.x [Cabinet IT, Finland]
213.170.x.x [Knowtion.net]
213.172.x.x [ComSet, Russia]
213.173.x.x [Yendor.net]
213.174.x.x [Bulgarian Industrial Association]
213.178.x.x [Bressem, Germany]
213.180.x.x [Delfi, Estonia]
213.182.x.x [SpeedCom, USA]
213.183.x.x [Netplace Telematic, Germany]
213.184.x.x [Warmia and Mazury University, Poland]
213.187.x.x [Eastlink, Germany]
213.188.x.x [WEBONLINE, Norway]
213.191.x.x [trans-it AG, Germany]
213.193.x.x [Multimania, France]
213.194.x.x [Telfort, Netherlands]
213.196.x.x [CyberComm Internet BV, Netherlands]
213.197.x.x [Concepts ICT, Netherlands]
213.199.x.x [Telexis, Italy]
213.200.x.x [Basel Kommunikation, Germany]
213.204.x.x [UNO Communications, Italy]
213.205.x.x [WorldOnline, Italy]
213.206.x.x [Intensive Networks, UK]
213.207.x.x [Bevelander, Netherlands]
213.213.x.x [Infinito, Italy]
213.216.x.x [Vistec, Germany]
213.217.x.x [Augsburg, Germany]
213.224.x.x [Pandora, Belgium]
213.225.x.x [Eti.at]
213.227.x.x [supercable Andalucia, spain]
213.228.x.x [Louis, Motorradseiten, Germany]
213.232.x.x [ADA-NET, Turkey]
213.234.x.x [CATalunya Neutral Internet eXchange (CATNIX), Spain]
213.237.x.x [WorldOnline, Denmark]
213.240.x.x [EUnet, Yugoslavia]
213.241.x.x [Polbox, Poland] - [Honeypots] - [Honeypots] - [Honeypots] - [Honeypots] - [Honeypots]

FBI controlled Linux servers & IPs/IP-Ranges - [The Internet Access Company] - [Abacus Technology] - [Mass Electric Construction Co.] - [Peabody Proberties Inc] - [Northern Electronics] - [Posternak, Blankstein & Lund] - [Woodard & Curran] - [On Line Services] - [The 400 Group] - [RD Hunter and Company] - [Louis Berger and Associates] - [Ross-Simons] - [Eastern Cambridge Savings Bank] - [Greater Lawrence Community Action Committee] - Electronic Devices, Inc] - [Sippican] - [Alps Sportswear Mfg Co] - [Escher Group Ltd] - [West Suburban Elder] - [Central Bank] - [Danick Systems] - [Alps Sportswear Mfg CO] - [BSCC] - [Patrons Insurance Group] - [Athera Technologies] - [Service Edge Partners Inc] - [Massachusetts Credit Union League] - [SierraCom] - [AI/ FOCS] - [Extreme soft] - [Eaton Seo Corp] - [C. White] - [Athera] - [Entropic Systems, INC] - [Wood Product Manufactureds Associates] - [Jamestown Distribution] - [C&M Computers] - [ABC Used Auto Parts] - [Tomas Weldon] - [Tage Inns] - [Control Module Inc] - [Hyper Crawler Information Systems] - [Eastern Bearings] - [North Shore Data Services] - [Mas New Hampshire] - [J. A. Webster] - [Trilogic] - [Area 54] - [Vested Development Inc] - [Conventures] - [Don Law Company] - [Advanced Microsensors] - [Applied Business Center] - [Color and Design Exchange] - [Shaun McCusker] - [Town of Framingham] - [AB Software] - [Seabass Dreams Too Much, Inc] - [Next Ticketing] - [Dulsi] - [The Internet Access Company] - [Maguire Group] - [Cogenex] - [AKNDC] - [McGovern election commitee] - [Digital Equipment Corp] - [PTR Precision Technologies] - [Extech] - [Manfreddi Architects] - [Parent Naffah] - [Darling Dolls Inc] - [Wright Communications] - [Principle Software] - [Chris Pet Store] - [Fifteen Lilies] - [All-Com Technologies] - [Cardio Thoracic Surgical Associates, P. A.] - [Preferred Fixtures Inc] - [Apple and Eve Distributors] - [Nelson Copy Supply] - [Boston Optical Fiber] - [Fantasia&Company] - [Infoactive] - [Curry College] - [Alternate Power Source] - [Keystone Howley-White] - [Bridgehead Associates LTD] - [County Supply] - [NH Board of Nursing] - [Diversified Wireless Technologies] - [Phytera] - [The Network Connection] - [Young Refrigeration] - [Vision Appraisal Technology] - [EffNet Inc] - [Entropic Systems Inc] - [Finley Properties] - [Nancy Plowman Associates] - [Northeast Financial Strategies] - [Textnology Corp] - [Groton Neochem LLC] - [Tab Computers] - [Patrons Insurance] - [Chair City Web] - [Radex, Inc.] - [Robert Austein] - [Hologic Inc.] - [K-Tech International Inc.] - [Pan Communications] - [New England College of Finance] - [Absolve Technology] - [Extech] - [The Insight Group] - [JLM Technologies] - [Strategic Solutions] - [McWorks] - [Rooney RealEstate] - [Joseph Limo Service] - [The Portico Group] - [Event Travel Management Inc] - [Intellitech International] - [Orion Partners] - [Rainbow Software Solution] - [Grason Stadler Inc] - [Donnegan System] - [The Iprax Corp] - [Coporate IT] - [Putnam Technologies] - [Sycamore Networks] - [Bostek]
2?7.6?.10?.128 - [Louis Berger and Associates] - [Hanson Data Systems] - [Giganet Inc.] - [Roll Systems] - [InternetQA] - [Reading Cooperative Bank] - [Edco collaborative] - [DTC Communications Inc] - [Mike Line] - [The Steppingstone Foundation] - [Caton Connector] - [Refron] - [Dolabany Comm Group] - [The CCS Companies] - [Continental PET Technologies] - [Corey & Company Designers Inc] - [SAIC] - [Netserve Entertainment Group] - [Avici Systems Inc] - [Webrdwne] - [Reality and Wonder] - [Nishan Desilva] - [NemaSoft Inc] - [Patrick Murphy] - [Corey and Company] - [Ames Textile Corp] - [Publicom] - [Northstar Technologies] - [Northstar Technologies] - [Sanga Corp] - [Fired Up Network] - [Integrated Data Solutions] - [Metanext] - [WorldLinx Telecommunications, Inc., Canada] - [BBN Planet, MA]

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  1. You have only posted IP ranges owned by US govt. What about other countries? Or are security researchers supposed to only exclude US govt. IPs?

    1. The ranges have been updated and more will be included as an when I can get my hands on!

  2. @UnhappyGhost Goldenstein,

    thanks for updating the list! And sorry if I might have come across as rude in my earlier post. What I basically meant was that it is almost impossible to exclude all *sensitive* IP ranges of all the countries ;)

    1. Of course it is not possible to exclude all sensitive IP ranges, but we can only try our best. This blog post is an effort to help myself and others who might be looking for the list :)


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