Jai Hind Script

Jai Hind Script for Linux users:

Unix/Linux family of operating systems are great to use both on the server and on the desktops. In fact, almost 80% of the gadgets that you see in the market today are directly or indirectly a variation and modified form of Linux. 

When it comes to use of Linux, its a champ on the server side but when it comes to  the desktop, its hardly just 3% in the whole world when compared to other proprietary OS. Linux is much secure in terms of malware attacks like virus and worm infections and most of the tasks are not automated and requires root privilege to accomplish the task. That's the primary reason why malware infections are not easily possible on Linux distros. Other excellent features are great performance and stable nature of the OS to keep it simple for now. 

If Linux is such a great OS then what keeps people from using it and why has it not made its mark on the Desktops yet ? Though Linux has got its success to accomplish its most common tasks through GUI approach, it still demands the users to be logical and use of terminal to accomplish certain tasks that cannot be done as easily as on other proprietary OS. For example: If you would ask a user to install Java JRE or MySQL or configure Apache, they would still need to use terminal. 

For past few years, after motivating the corporate clients and many students to give a try to Linux and use it as their primary OS, they just give up on it when it comes to remember and execute commands through terminal. So, we decided to write this script that would accomplish most of your common tasks at a hit of keystroke and you would not need to remember any command to accomplish your task .

We must not forget to mention, I am a daily visitor of the website http://www.unixmen.com/ where I have been gaining lot of knowledge and excellent information through their posts and articles on using Linux. No matter if you are a newbie to Linux or an experienced admin, you can always find something interesting and informative to munch on their website. Most of the credit goes to Unixmen Team as the commands collected in our script are the tips and ideas compiled together from their website and adding up most of the stuff that I already use to accomplish my daily tasks on my Desktop.

We, the INQALAAB Team, name it JAIHIND Script and for now this works on Ubuntu based distros and soon we shall add the support for other major distros as well. The copy of the script will be absolutely free to use.


  • Supports Ubuntu Based Distros
  • Support for other major distros coming up
  • Easy Navigation using Numbered Menu
  • All commands in Verbose mode
  • Interactive Interface
  • Easy contact to Developers
  • Direct feature Suggestion / request

Developers or Enthusiasts who are looking forward to contribute your ideas to the script can leave us a message through the contact form on this blog and we shall get back to you.

The script will be made available primarily through this page and you can always grab the latest copy from here.

Downlod the script here : Jaihind_Script_v0.1.1
Total downloads : 3,09,151 (updated weekly automatically)

Two little steps to be followed after downloading the script:
- Make it executable 
$  chmod  +x  jaihind.sh.x

- Run the script
$ ./jaihind.sh.x

Take a look at these screenshots: 


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